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HMS Mars by Shortgrass - Caldercraft - 1:64 Scale

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Unfortunately, I am unable to recall all the notes I made about this model, but will do my best to recall what I can.  I started this model about a year or so ago.  The planking patterns were quite difficult to install - this was mainly due to the thickness of the planking pattern as well as the unusual shape of the hull of the Mars.  It was bluff ended at the bow and as the hull went lower it had more of a schooner shape hull.  I used cherry veneer as the second planking and was pleased with the result.  After the first planking, there was a fair bit of sanding that had to be done and as usual filler was used to even out the hull prior to planking.  The hull was planked with boxwood and treenails installed using a pin vice drill and bamboo strips run through a draw plate to get the correct size.

The cannons were rigged with breeching rope (0.75 mm thread) I used zip seizings for the seizing of the breeching rope.  Am in the process of finishing the rigging of the cannons and will post some more pics once that is completer.

I have attached some pics showing the build from the beginning until the last stage to try and give an impression of how the build has progressed.

Dave :),,,,











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Well, finally finished the rigging of the breeching rope to the cannons.  I used 0.75 thread for the breeching rope and 0.25 for the seizings.  Both natura (tan)  in colour.   I ended up using "zip" seizings for the breeching rope and that seemed to work quite well.  (Thanks to Hubert for the idea of zip seizings).   I attached the breeching rope to hooks which then went on to eyebolts that were on the inner bulwarks.  There isn't much room on the deck of the Mars so I can only imagine what it was like when a broadside was fired. 

After the cannons were put in placed, I glued them to the deck.  This was a bit tricky, but I applied the PVA to the wheels of the carriage assembly by using Microbrushes this worked out well.

Attached are some pics showing how the cannons look.  As usual, comments/critiques are welcome.  Enjoy the pics.

Dave :)  :)post-101-0-48540300-1361633464.jpgpost-101-0-88755200-1361633490.jpgpost-101-0-99922900-1361633508.jpgpost-101-0-52999400-1361633527.jpg

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Back to the pudden again.  Not being totally satisfied with the result, (see above), I did additional research and discovered that for a similar ship, they 4-4 1/2 inch rope for the pudden.  According to my calculations, this would result in approx. 0.75 mm thread and I had used .050 mm thread.  So, I took the pudden off the anchors and am in the process of re-doing the pudden.  I am caught between using 0.75 mm or 1mm thread - but will probably use the 0.75mm thread.

Will post some pics once everything is done.

Dave :) :)

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Thanks Garward for looking in.  Always appreciate your input.

Have finished re-working the pudden on the anchor rings.  Took off all my previous work and re-did all the pudden.  Much more satisfied with how they look now.  Ended up using 1mm thread; then painted it black and covered with some white gliue.


Recently I have been trying to build the launch for the Mars.  It does seem a bit small, in my opinion.  It is built with the same method used for building the Mars.  All the parts are laser cut plywood.  It say to plank with walnut but I am going to plank with some cherry that I have in stock.  It will probably be painted anyway.  I have included some pics showing its current status.  I will post  more pics as construction progresses.







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