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mast construction problem

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I am building the masts for model shipways Rattlesnake1780 and can't figure out the relationship of the crosstree/ trestletree assembly and the top platform. The manual  isn't clear and the main ship schematic doesn't show it. HELP!

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Algay, It's not really clear where your problem lies. If you look through both the kit and scratch build logs on this site, and particularly at the pictures of mast tops, doesn't that provide you with the necessary information? Or am I not understanding the problem?



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Hello Algay,


That is good advise Tom gave you.


My advise to you is to start a buildlog of your own and post pictures.

That way it will be much clearer for everyone to understand what your question or problem is and how they can advise you.


You can start a buildlog here: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/53-before-you-post-your-build-log-please-read-this-starting-and-naming-your-build-log/


Good luck.



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Ahoy Algay :D


As I am not yet at the rigging stage of my Ratt build I am interested in what has you stumped


Are you referring to this

Page 29 of the MS manual, illustration #48


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Yes J Pett - I've made the top platform and crosstree/trestle tree assemblies but don't see how they go together in order to be able to rig the topgallant shrouds (NB the upper left part of the main schematic of the ship)

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Algay the Trestle trees are attached to the mast, the cross trees go on top of the trestle trees, they are notched so they fit together forming a sturdy flat support. The top is not attached directly to the mast, it is attached to the support created by the crosstrees and trestletrees. The square hole in the Top is called the Lubber's Hole. If you were standing in the Top you could look down at the deck through the Lubber's Hole. The opening of the Lubber's Hole is large enough for the shrouds to come up from the deck, through the Lubber's Hole, between the cross trees and over the trestle trees and around the mast. The shrouds have a loop in their ends big enough to fit over the mast.




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Hi Algay from another Rattlesnake builder!


Are you using the MS kit or the Mamoli?  If the MS, then you can just follow the plans, going along with what both JPett (a Ratt's man if ever there was one) and Frankie say.  The only somewhat tricky part will be cutting the trestle & crosstrees so that they fit your platform exactly right.  And then when you glue them onto the mast, you want to make sure they're square both fore & aft and vertically (in line with the mast).  That's where you want to set the mast in the ship, dry fit the trestle & cross trees on the mast -- or maybe while the glue is still a bit pliable -- and look at it from ALL directions.


Good luck -- the Ratt is great ship to work on in lots of ways.





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