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Reviewed the documentation and plan. 

I have a few items to correct. 

Bearding line missing on one side. 


Small adjustments for the deck, some of the blocks are a bit too. high. 15878800184723746050397996636092.thumb.jpg.70b00c7d44403ac95c61605fa1d9b013.jpg

Sills and Lintels all over the place. 


Stem was over sanded on one side or miss aligned. 


I am getting to take it appart and correct as much as possible these issues. 


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Deconstruction process. :P


Numbering and removing Sills and Lintels.20200425_223019.thumb.jpg.a3a0dbd2548bbf2f5ca27a7ca81c2535.jpg20200427_211109.thumb.jpg.e88110ad4334676f9b3a1da08d64bcb8.jpg20200427_210503.thumb.jpg.97002289221dbdb465b62382bfe35b7a.jpg

Removed the Stem. I will need to rebuild from scratch.


And of course repairing the broken frame stems



I also remove the keel and rabbet strip since they were damaged during my attempt to add the bearding line.



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Getting crafty to hold the ship reversed.


Worked on the Bearding line quite a bit last night to be able to meet with the 3/32 rabbet strip. The previous one was 1/8 so a lot to catch up to. 


And... Disaster the strip broke as I was putting rubber bands. To be expected when passing the bulkheads... Grrr. Here the result after fitting the strip on the stern. It will cover by copper so it will not be seen. 20200429_223520.thumb.jpg.3b9bd7986533d0c86b80b09ed90a7bb4.jpg


Dry fitting the new keel and the old stem20200429_225827.thumb.jpg.57fa91da2102bacdd373c22e3bbec83e.jpg

Stem needs to be redone from scratch. It was faired too much and unevenly. 20200429_233229.thumb.jpg.ab46c822079552bb49447c6aead0332e.jpg


Draft stem design. Thoughts ? 20200430_000047.thumb.jpg.56eb1a101a299d3ceb2fa9291af1554f.jpg

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The deconstruction continues on my Syren. I noticed a few issues with frame adjustments. Here is what my survey outlined.

The second and third frames from the stern were too high, resulting into a 1/16 gap between the top of the frame and the center 'spine'. See the red marks below.Inked20200510_204517_LI.thumb.jpg.da9ea3b93922f8ea6b2ffc5dd8b0de9d.jpgInked20200510_205044_LI.thumb.jpg.9542e0ec21415031f32e00c125b1233c.jpg

The solution was to remove them and the blocks surrounding them and push them down. I had a similar situation in the bow (see below). I was able to use a thin strip to provide a smooth transition across all frames for the deck planking.


Deconstruction madness in pictures. :) 

Since the frames were glued with white glue, I used Acetone to soften the glue and a few tools to remove them. Time for your shot!20200510_224307.thumb.jpg.9d1ddbfd65c36b7f23ada3d84ae8588f.jpg

Removal frame 2.


Dry fitting frame 2.


Drama with frame 3. The doctor is busy. LOL....


Dry fitting line with frame 2 and 3. MUCH BETTER !!!


Gluing and rehabilitation.



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8 hours ago, WalrusGuy said:

I really like the videos! There aren't many build videos on YouTube so I wish I started my Syren after you, would have helped a lot in visualizing the steps 😄 

Ha. Well I am far from been the expert so I will follow your build and you can help me 😊

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