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Deck Names and Great Cabin Location

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This is probably so clear to most builders, but I'm a little 'stumped' on this, and hopefully this is the correct location for this question.


I'm trying to figure out where the great cabin would be on this ship, and the proper names for these decks.


In the second photo attachment, deck 1 is the main deck, 2 is the half deck?, 3 is the quarter deck? and 4 is the poop deck? It was easy on my Mayflower since there was one less deck.


I thought just below deck 4 might be the location for the great cabin, but there are no doors or windows at the stern for that deck...possible chart room?


Just below deck 3 there are elaborate doors and windows at the stern and side for that level....possible great cabin?


Any help appreciated...I'll also post this question in Building, Framing, Planking etc. section.







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Looks like you've labelled 1 to 4 correctly, Sherry. The area under 4 was used for accommodation, but it was not comfortable, definitely not a great Cabin. Either trumpeters or cabin boys would use this low area for sleeping in. Headroom was very limited! There would have been an access door, but perhaps this has been missed on this drawing.


The level below this with balcony would be for the Admiral's accommodation, if one were aboard (this is a three-decker), and the level below that was for the captain and the lieutenants.

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