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HM Cutter Cheerful 1806 by glbarlow - 1:48 - FINISHED

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I’ve reached the end of my thirteen month journey, this is my 59th and final log post on my build of HM Cheerful. Thank you to the 52 of you who’ve followed my build and the many others who have stopped by with a like. A special thank you to all who’ve taken the time to leave a comment, many of you more than once. It is inspiring to read your replies, often they were my motivation for the next post.


When I thought about building HM Cheerful, I started by reading the first couple of chapters of the monograph downloaded from the Syren Ship Model Company website located here. I say first couple it’s because I stopped reading, realizing there were so many things, techniques, processes, skills, and knowledge I didn’t possess. There were many big steps, starting with single planking a hull I would not paint, I had no idea how I’d accomplish (I’m still not sure why a square tuck is actually a triangle). I dove in anyway, figuring it out as I went, trusting I’d come up or find the solution. I knew one thing, I wasn’t going to quit. I sincerely thank @Chuck for his unwavering support and guidance, aside from a great design and mini-kits, he is always available to answer my questions. I also want to thank those who came before. Aside from frequently reviewing Chuck’s build log in addition to the superbly written monograph I also found @Blue Ensign and @Rustyj to be reliable resources, I thank them as well for the help I obtained from their Cheerful build logs many years after they’d completed them. Finally my thanks to @DelF. While he isn’t building Cheerful (yet) he and I frequently exchange PMs, me the greater benefactor of his master level skills and techniques I was able to apply to my own build. Both our work shops are the richer for “hey I want one of those, where’d you get it…'


Aside from building my first semi-scratch model I wanted to create a log that not only tracked my progress but was detailed enough to be of assistance to future builders, paying it forward for all I’ve learned from others. I wanted to de-mystify aspects of this build, step by over-written, over-photographed step. I realize maybe it wasn’t always the best solution and often was one I modified or learned from others. They were methods that worked for me. I took as much satisfaction in writing the log and filling it with photos as I did the actual building. As a result I’m sure I’m in the running for the ‘excessive use of the written word’ award.


Many of you have commented I have been of some help, I’m very glad to know that. My related objective was to provide enough of a resource that others looking at Cheerful as a build option and first thought “no way,” might instead take it on. I hope I’ve done enough to encourage others to say “well that guy did it…”


So with that, here are the final photos of my finished HM Cheerful:






























































I hope to read and follow your Cheerful logs, it is a well designed model and a fun build.  At the request of my neck and shoulder muscles I’m going to take a break from building, but I’ll be back. Thank you for hanging out with me!


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What a fabulous  model, and great photos, you must be well pleased Glenn.

You have produced an excellent log which will benefit those who take on this wonderful  kit, which I too fully endorse.

Thank you for the mention, and I look forward to your next project.





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Posted (edited)

You've created a real family heirloom Glenn - you must be justly very proud. 


Thanks for the mention. Like you, I've enjoyed our conversations and banter over the last year and learned a lot, although looking at your pictures of Cheerful I can see I've still a lot to learn about photography!


Best wishes, and enjoy your (hopefully short) break from modelling.



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