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HMS Prince of Wales by Lt. Biggles - Tamiya - 1/350 - Plastic - Pontos detail up set, first ship build

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Still ticking along with the build when I find the time. I’m not giving up!

weathered and dirtied up the hull so it’s no longer perfectly clean. It’s still pretty subtle indoors but the sunlight really brings it out which is quite good.




once the anchors are added they will cover a good amount of the rust there so will reduce the weathering in that area abit too




The rear half of the deck vents and bits are on so just working my way forward. Abit more time needed as everything needs to be pre painted and finished before glueing onto the wooden deck. 


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Anchors are on and started to add the parts to tie the ship to dock I assume, no idea what the correct terminology is for them but I’ve got 22 to add and you can see them in both pics. I’m sure everyone else on here knows what they are called! Haha




I can still take the ship in and out of the base so it’s easy to work on. Once the boundary layer white wash is added I think it will have to stay in the base.




I forget that about 2/3 of the hull is underwater! 

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50 minutes ago, RGL said:

Bollards. The objects that the ship gets tied on to. 

the little bits on the railings bend down to the deck and are like support structures. There are called stanchions. 

Different navies has differing types, the Royal Navy does a 3 rail, which all fold down for ship handling anyways. 

Thanks heaps, I’d a feeling they were supports but could find nothing to back it up.

I did think about doing the stanchions individually like you do but decided not to because I’d be driven crazy using my blunt drill bits and would be tempted to throw the whole ship out the window!!

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On 5/8/2020 at 9:11 PM, Lt. Biggles said:

Had better call that one complete crane, otherwise I’ll keep tinkering with it forever while I have a whole ship to build! At this rate I might be done by Christmas!!



I took onboard the advice from near the beginning of the build and finally got around to reworking the cranes. Took awhile to get the E Z Line from USA. Big improvement over the first attempt. And will use the black fine E Z Line for the rigging when it’s time.






I think its a big improvement! So thanks for all the tips and help you have all given. 

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Over the weekend got a huge amount completed amongst them was one of the jobs I’ve been avoiding for weeks. Don’t know what they are called and even google can’t help me find out but I assume they deflect water coming over the bows and send the water back into the ocean. Anyone help me? Anyway I completed the rear one that’s in 4 parts and lots of little braces, took some pics along the way so at least I’ve some pics to share!








the good old old upside down tape has been super useful during this build!






primed, painted with Tamiya light grey then a light grey and dark grey mix about 10:2 ratio in an irregular pattern. Then weathered with oils, grey washes and some faint grime and white to get the look I’m after.




then glued in place with the the rest of the vents and completed stanchions. (A word I just learned)


The other part I’m avoiding are the POM POMs. I made one about a month ago and as I was moving it onto the upside down tape to prime it... it fell onto a wood floor and parts are still missing!


big parts left are the ships boats and a/a guns and then rig! It’s actually feels like the end of the final chapter!!


So... Where do you get your flags? What sizes and what ones would be flying while at sea and in the “in between battles” stage or hunting for a fight stage?


Apologies! I’m such a land lubber with terminologies! Haha I’m learning though!

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Another item on my list of things to do complete.




these guys!




turned out this little job still took 2.5 hours... can’t work out why. Should have taken that long and felt like it took about 45 mins.




With the stanchions on I have to be very careful.




There are more small details on the ship than what I’ve got left to do. This shot shows the break waters that I avoided making for several weeks nicely in place. If I use the new words I’ve been learning then I’ll always remember them!

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Hello, I’ve yet another question...

what colours are the ships boats painted? The instructions say all white on top and ship side colour on the hull. Another drawing says wood colour and hull grey. All the drawings and pictures are in black and white.






I’ve been working on the boats and they are undercoated but can’t find anything online. 


Would be nice to be a different colour then grey even slightly to break up the colours.

any help or colour drawings would be appreciated.



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Awhile back I dropped my forward funnel for the 3rd time while moving my ship and the top part of the PE shattered into pieces yet again!

took 2 hours to find every piece spread all over the room! But knew I had to find every piece otherwise I’d not even bother with it!! 




I put it away and didn’t touch it until today.

soaked the parts in isopropyl to remove old paint and CA from the last few builds/ rebuilds.




then reshaped and stared the “re re build”




all the parts had come apart and most had broken into two pieces so took a lot of patience and time.




Got it back together pretty well considering. Painted it and this time glued the whole thing straight away to the ship so it will not break again!






Another job job on the list to cross out! 

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On 10/19/2020 at 1:57 PM, Canute said:

Nice save, LT. Intricate parts must have lead to some very creative language and body-english. 😉

Haha the first 10 seconds yes and then the following 2 hours with my face almost on the floor was quiet concentration haha! 

Its amazing how you can search the entire floor with a grid search 4 times and on the fifth sweep find the piece that was right where you had already looked!

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On 10/19/2020 at 2:42 PM, Old Collingwood said:

Not sure if this might be of use  - its decribes and shows the main RN  colours  - scroll down till you see POW  (Ita alphabetical)





Thanks for that, so much good info there! A lot of time has been put into that

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A very impressive first ship build...... And the deck looks fantastic...... One thing to note, most of these ships when in service, especially the larger ones, even more especially the flagships, were very very well maintained....... 


I like her looks, first cruise, ready for her first availability...... (availability = yard overhaul) Minor paint issues with a fairly bright newish deck......


A seldom modeled condition.....


Well done....



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On 10/22/2020 at 6:39 PM, Egilman said:

A very impressive first ship build...... And the deck looks fantastic...... One thing to note, most of these ships when in service, especially the larger ones, even more especially the flagships, were very very well maintained....... 


I like her looks, first cruise, ready for her first availability...... (availability = yard overhaul) Minor paint issues with a fairly bright newish deck......


A seldom modeled condition.....


Well done....



Thanks, I just wanted her to look well used as she was such a new ship I didn’t want to over weather knowing how well they were looked after. The temptation is always there to add more weathering though.

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Finished the ships boats and will give them one last blending wash in a few days to finish them.






did lots of searching for how they were painted and didn’t find much. But eventually found someone saying hull should be grey and top side white. So went with that.




lots of washes as if they look perfect they dont don’t look right at all so lots of greys, whites and tans mixed and smeared. The open boats I covered so a creamy tarp look was wanted, will need another wash to help bring them out.



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Did the final parts to the boats and they are all glued into place. Another big step complete.


There was a bit in the middle of the deck which I had to cut out otherwise the boats wouldn’t fit at all.




Then once I’d glued on the PE that had broken off during the renovations I got the boats and did another dusting of white from a vertical angle then a black wash which after 5 mins was washed off to leave just a hint of well maintained but won’t stand out as being to crisp. Then did a dark grey wash on the hulls and just didn’t wash it off.




now they are glued into place.


The plans show there to be ether smaller boats or a lot bigger deck...




because mine don’t have the same space haha!




Poms poms and ammo boxes left...

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Had a long weekend away so back and ready to get these POM POMS done, been avoiding these guys more than anything on this build haha! But I have nothing else left to build... 






i built one months ago and it took a few days to complete and that is where my need to avoid originated!






ive learnt a lot since then so over two big sessions I built the other 3 and got the bases done and primer on the guns.




and completed the ammo boxes which are all now glued onto the ship.




once painted and completed over the rest of the week ill show the result.


definitely worth the time and effort doing the PE versions as the kit ones are no where near as good! Maybe I’ll make one as a reference.   

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