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I use Google translate so excuse if the translation gets weird.

Here I was going to write about the construction of Billing boats Denmark. I have tried to build several boats before but either I get stuck in some problem or I lose interest.

This time around, I have the goal of just building on whatever happens. I do not have the ambition that it will be something fantastic but just ok.

One thing I have trouble with is bending the 2 mm thick plywood that sits at the top of the sides of the boat. I have already managed to break such a part when I tried to bend it over steaming water. Should it be soaked and if so how long?


So far I have come.
Only the deck in the middle is glued, the rear deck is only fixed with a few screws.




Here is a small problem, the deck goes 3 mm outside the frame. The plywood to be glued is only 2 mm.






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Hello ubjs, I pretty new to this site and like you a little bit of a novice building wooden ships. Many different ways of bending planks my way is to use a electric plank bender. I soak them for about 20 mins or so this makes the planks bend easy with the plank bender. For really tight bends i’ll soak them a second time. Good luck with your build and i’m sure your get all the advice your need on here to complete your build. Anyway i shall follow you and offer what advice i can. I’m currently building the USS Constellation i have a build log on here you may like to take a look because i’ve now finishes most of the planking with a few photos that may also help. 

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Yes, I have a plank bender, I will try it.


Another question, plank the deck or the hull first?

This ships hull shall be painted white, maybe its better to do the deck first?

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Looking at your photos I would plank the hull first but it doesn’t really matter. Your need to protect the deck if you plank that first. Did notice that you need to fair your ribs more before you start planking. Fairing the ribs is the most important thing about planking they must run in a smooth curve from bow to stern. I have a link somewhere i’ll post to you on the subject of planking. She looks a long ship so it shouldn’t need much fairing at midships but certainly bow and stern will need fairing better. Anyway i’ll go find that link and post it to you will explain planking better then i can.  

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Yes, I must fair more. 

There is much about Billing boats that not is good but one thing I like is that they have most of their drawings and plans one their website to download. If someone want to follow the build more in detail you could look at the drawing.

One thing is that the foredeck goes a bit over the deck in the middle and will be difficult to work with when you have clued the foredeck.

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Hej ubjs, welcome to our world and nice start of Danmark.
You are one of very few building Danmark, so your build log will be an asset for our build log bank.
One of the kits on my shelf waiting to build Danmark. So I am looking forward to follow along with yours. 


I see a section build in the background, please let us know more about it and start a build log of it as well.

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