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What else does your work bench get used for?

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Today I cleared my work bench off to do some much needed gun cleaning.


I know not every one is into guns but a lot of you are into WWII and I have one interesting firearm from that era. It is a Vis 35 Made in Radom Poland originally for the polish army. That is until the Germans occupied Poland and took over the arms manufacturing in that country.


This is actually considered one of the premier weapons used during the war. It took the best of the 1911 and Browning Hi Power designs and incorporated them into one very desirable 9mm pistol.


This particular pistol was a bring back that I inherited from my Step Father. It does not get shot anymore though it is still very capable. I just take it out of the safe every now and then to give it a fresh coat of oil and think about its history and who might have carried it.





Above are just a couple of the Waffen proofs that the Germans added.


Any way what do you do at your work bench when you are not building models?


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    While I have four work benches, two are heavy duty.  My garage shop bench and one in the basement are standard wood working benches primarily used for heavy projects like home repairs, but on occasion both also see some modeling work.  My medium duty custom made bench in the modeling shop also sees a lot of home maintenance, mostly electrical and soldering, but is primarily for modeling.  My modified computer station light duty bench in my modeling shop is probably used 90% of the time for modeling, but none the less is also sometimes drafted to do some small home electrical repair projects.  The two benches in my modeling shop have the advantage of ease of use while in the wheelchair since I can roll up to them straight on, as opposed to the standard benches where I need to turn sideways in my chair.

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I was a Police Tactical Firearms Instructor and competitive shooter for many years before I retired. Have accumulated more than one firearm that need TLC so the Shipyard becomes and Armory occasionally . The handguns can share the area but shoulder weapons need their own space.


Osmosis-you must be right down the street, Coconut Creek.


Cheers, Harley

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Unfortunately, my work bench is a standard desk size so I am unable to do any work on my East India Pattern, Brown Bess muskets.  So, my work bench doubles as my home office area.




My group, Historic Marine Education. Inc. The USS Constitutions 1812 Marine Guard firing muskets aboard ship last September underway in Boston Harbor.


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