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Ducati 1299 Panigale S by kpnuts 1/4

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Hi all my missus bought this for my 60th it's a huge kit and very heavy the kit was 650 quid and is all screwed together with Philip's screws so I spent another 150 quid on the correct nuts bolts Allen screws and torx bolts for it and the correct decals, not using the ones in the kit as they're wrong.

Just a warning to Ducati purists it will not be done in Ducati colours (although the kit is already beautifully painted) we bought our new car just before I got this and I love the colour so much that's what I decided to paint it.

It has to be said (and I've had several premium kits) this is the best packaged kit (by far) that I've ever had.

As a comparison this is the box against a gas fire it is the biggest box any kit I've had has turned up in.








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Will be looking forward to see how you make out with the Allen keys on the bolts. I started this kit, with those proper bolts you got, but gave up and sold it. I just couldn't find a way to hold those keys and it stopped being fun. 


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Hi it is a pretty good kit I say that as there is a lot poor detail in it which I added and also a lot of penny pinching (like not supplying a few assorted wires in the appropriate scales) I doubt it would have added more than a tenner to the cost of the kit (and I would have happily paid that extra (that was the worst part finding scale appropriate pieces of wire for it) the radiator is a joke on a kit this price and size, I got some PE stuff to correct that (yes more expence) I just dont understand why they didn't add the details I did for another 100 quid they could have added them and i think if people are prepared to pay 650 why wouldn't they pay a bit more for a perfect kit. Oh and Rick I taped the holes for the bolts and Allen screws  so they were easy to install.

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So the first thing you build is the exhaust (which is also the first thing you have to add detail to) I started by plugging the holes from the screws with bits of off cut sprue then added the expansion spring brackets (made from paper clips)

I also made the exhaust valve from brass sheet and the lambda sensor patch from a Phillip's screw cover







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More work on the engine.

The banjo connectors dont come with the kit you have to manufacture those yourself in my case with a bead some pipe and a bolt.

Also any wiring you have to make yourself.







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Heres another update, this engine is huge, and heavy I needed to ware back support whilst working on it.

Another size comparison the brake equalizer is a small part of the bike but when put on a 1/24 American lorry engine it makes the engine look tiny. Incidentally all those banjo connectors had to be made as the things supplied in the kit are awful. 







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The throttle bodies come like this just an oval piece of dished plastic, I know it cant be seen in any way on the finished model but I thought I could do much better.

I got a piece of self adhesive aluminium tape and brass leafed it then cut it to shape to make the butterfly. 

I cut a piece of sprue to the right length then cut that in half lengthwise.

Drilled 2 holes in it and added screws, fairly convincing butterfly.

The rest of the pictures of this is all that comes with the kit, again I didn't think there was enough detail so my next installment will be adding the extra detail to it.










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That's an updated version (although I note no updated detail) when I bought mine you could only get it in red . The next update will be the tri colour version (which will be my next version, but with no extra cost as I will just respray my one)

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So I added the exhaust it was very difficult to show the bad fit in a photo but it took 3 days countless swearing and not a small amount of plasticard and filler to achieve a decent fit (I even took the spre plugs out so I could get at the screws holding it together to loosen them off and try giggling it to try and get it to fit)(and this is not the worst part of the kit) the radiator on this kit is a joke (wait till I get to it and you will see what I mean) dont get me wrong it's a huge kit with loads of potential but they did so much penny pinching on it.






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Next update working on the rear wheel this is what pocher would have you use.

So for the horrendously expensive price of £7.50(including postage)I got these.

Money well spent, the eagle eyed among you will notice I even put the yellow paint on the allen bolts to show if they have loosened. They would even have you attach the rear sprocket with Phillip's screws.






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