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  • 3 weeks later...

'Ello -- nearly three weeks without an update, so here's an update. This project isn't dead -- far from it -- but it got temporarily derailed by a family visit and a higher-priority side project. I did get into the shipyard today to do a little work, but nothing worth a photograph.



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1 hour ago, Louie da fly said:

Ok, but my coffee's getting cold . . . ;)

I have some sort of strange modeler's affliction where I get about 2/3 done or so with a model and am already thinking about the next one -- this partly explains why I have three partially finished models on hand. I have to force myself to finish the current job before I indulge myself with starting another. 

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Very true. I have to force myself to stay focussed on my current build - otherwise I'd be starting all kinds of new ones. I have a list a mile long of models I'd like to make, and it takes a considerable mental effort to keep on the same one and get it finished, particularly when I'm doing something repetitve and boring, but necessary to finish the model.


Even now I've got two under way rather than one, but I've at least put one on hold till the other is finished.

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9 hours ago, bigpetr said:

The cure is to do the model fast , while the initial spark still last🙂. Human needs to see outcome of his work quite fast, so when it lasts too long and building problems to solve acumulates he jumps to another subject unconsciously thinking it will go fast and easy🙂

I quite agree with that also.  This might be why some builders have multiple projects going on at once.

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  • ccoyle changed the title to Wütender Hund by ccoyle - FINISHED - Shipyard - 1/72

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