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Okay, gents, I have one final task to do on WH, which is adding the anchor and its hawse. Here I have a bit of a conundrum, because the pictorial instructions show the hawse cable looped around a knighthead -- but then they do not show where the hawse leads to, that is, the end that should lead below deck somewhere. It seems logical that the hawse should come out from the amidship hatchway, but that seems a bit far away from where the anchor is lashed to the bulwark. Any advice?

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I'm up against a similar problem with my dromon. Fortunately I have a forecastle the hawse can be stored under, but the space there is limited, and I have to find room for a number of anchors stacked in a pile as well (Byzantine anchors were very light and they had to use multiples). I think just coiling the hawse on deck where you can find a space is probably not only the best, but probably also the historically correct answer.

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Well, ladies and gents, I refrained from posting progress pics recently because there wasn't really much to do in order to finish the model up. So, this is the Big Reveal! And it only took me four months and nine days to knock this one out, which must be close to a personal record. As is usually the case, I'm not entirely happy with everything and feel there are some things I could have done better (if I weren't so hasty), but overall I am satisfied. More importantly, I am DYING to get back to a card model, and now my bench is cleared for action.


Some thanks are in order:

  • Thanks to all of you who hit the 'like' button and/or commented. The camaraderie is always appreciated.
  • Thanks again to SHIPYARD for taking the plunge into wood kits and sending this one out for a review. All in all, I think we can say that this kit works, and I hope they sell a lot of them. If this build log has helped anyone decide to have a go at a SHIPYARD product, be sure to check them out through their USA vendor and MSW site sponsor, Ages of Sail (see ad banner on home page).

Here are some preliminary glimpses of the finished model. I will shoot a better set of photos for the gallery in the near future. Enjoy!









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