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Bentley 4.5 litre (altered version) by kpnuts 1/12 Airfix

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Reworked some of the engine.

When I first got this back I had visions of turning it into Chitty but then thought I would check out the different versions this engine was used in and decided on the boat tail version.

What's funny is the first guess a lot of people made on what I was doing with it was Chitty (I thought turning it into Chitty was quite original and no one would think of that) 

I quite liked the idea so my question is (I dont know how to do a poll) which would you like to see most the red boat tail Bentley or Chitty.








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Hi all started on the body (that rear end wont be pointed it is cut square on the car)

It also flares out over the suspension lots of work on this part just wondering whether I will have to stain the wood red or if the mahogany when varnished will be red enough, I think on the actual car it is stained.




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You know, sitting here, following along in the background lurking, I have to consciously stop the thought of reaching for my tool box when I see stuff like this, Ratchets, sockets and wrenches will not help in this endeavour....


I"m at a loss for words so rather than become a broken record, I'll lurk and drool in private......


Very impressive...

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It was Etorre Bugatti who called Bentleys "Les camions le plus vite", or "the fastest lorries". And famously when criticised for his cars poor braking he claimed they for going , not stopping.

The 1/8th scale E -Type was a Monogram/Revell kit. They did 3 different Corvette Stingrays and a Model T hotrod too in that scale.


I was asked by a London silversmith to make a pattern for a 1/12th scale Bentley that they could produce in silver. I used the Airfix Bentley, with modifications to produce the model to keep costs down.  I also did a similar job on the 1/32nd scale kit for a smaller, cheaper model. They were cast in resin and then electroformed in a minimum of 7 thou. silver which permitted of a Hallmark.




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On 5/25/2020 at 6:38 PM, kpnuts said:

Thanks for the info (I wasnt sure who it was it was i thought a toss up between Ferrari or alfa glad to have the correct info)

This in silver must have been pretty impressive.

Wish I had those sort of skills.

The silversmith actually got the electro-forming process completely wrong and needed to do a vast amount of re-modelling to meet the deadline for the first model. I spent a weekend with him and his father treating sheets of silver as I would brass and making parts from solid silver that couldn't be cast in resin and electro-formed.  I figured if I could make stuff an experienced silversmith couldn't and quickly, too, I was worth a Hallmark.  So I applied and got one.  The silversmith was so put out that he took all his stuff away from my workshop when he knew I wouldn't be there and I never heard from him again. He went broke because he took too much on to do the electro-forming and hadn't learned how to do it. A classic case of over extension, with a good old kick of arrogant ignorance thrown in.  I've never used the Hallmark, but it's still valid for a few years more (it lasts an odd 27 years) and if another half useless so called silversmith approaches me I shall wave my personal Hallmark punch under his nose and double my price!


Are you going to replace the moulded spokes with fine wire or stretched sprue?  Easy, but SO tedious<G>




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Well I've spent most of tonight working on the exhaust (it goes down and under the car on the original version) it has to come out through the side panel on this version and on the actual car would have nuts to undo in order to move the exhaust and open the side panel. On this I obviously cant glue the exhaust to the manifold as I wont be able to put the side panel on and I cant put the side I've managed to figure a way to do it similar to the way it would have been done on the real car (will post pics when I've painted it all) 

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