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Finished Model Factory Hiro 156 Shark Nose - moved to proper forum by moderator

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Hi all. Well after my abandoned Speedy project I decided to complete an automotive model I’ve had in my stash for a while. This is a white metal/etch/vacform kit in 1/20 scale from Japanese manufacturer Model Factory Hiro. Took me around 3 weeks working most evenings and weekends so quite a quick build compared to a ship. I enjoyed the build and now considering another ship project, only this time one without copper 😂 Hope it is ok to post this here!40E359DD-45B3-4BC2-8016-98809E10D998.thumb.jpeg.c770da92444f20db728b6789d8bfdbc9.jpeg4C9A817C-E79E-4C91-929C-F5BD5ACE369A.thumb.jpeg.72946cde914b327f7e2a6171cf45cf3d.jpeg

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5 hours ago, NewbyMark said:

I did note the lack of seatbelts in the kit and I believe that's accurate. That takes some guts! 🙂 

Back then, most drivers didn't like seat belts.   The reason I was always told (I asked a couple of drivers once) was that the fuel tank was self-sealing and the drivers wanted out fast if something went bad.

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7 hours ago, NewbyMark said:

I did note the lack of seatbelts in the kit and I believe that's accurate.

It was quite common back in the late fifties and early sixties. There were a number of who did not trust them, fearing like Mark says, that in case of an accident they would prevent the driver from getting out and they would end up burning in a fire.


One fairly unique driver, American Masten Gregory, was famous for a number of reasons like a crazy driving style and his coke bottle glasses. But one of his most noted claims to fame was that whenever he knew he was going to crash into something, (All too often in his early years) he would bail out at the last minute! He did this a number of times and lived to tell about it.

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