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New Bedford Whaleboat by John Ruy - FINISHED - Model Shipways - 3/4”=1’ (1/16 scale) - Plank-On-Frame Wood Kit

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Posted (edited)

Masts, Oars and Paddles...



Mast and Sprit Pole lower detail. 



Upper detail of Mast and Sprit Pole. 


Oars and Paddles completed and stained... 😎




The drawing for the sail is presented at Half Scale. 🧐  I’ll have to draw up a template to scale and borrow the wife’s sewing machine, Again... 😆




Sail cloth include in the kit. Looks like I will be borrowing the ironing board too. 🤔


It’s Friday... 🍻

Have a Great Weekend!




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Steering Oar Brace and Stern Rigging. 



Installing the Steering Oar Brace Pad. 















Pad complete. 😎




My first attempt at looping the end of a rope. 



Oar Strop and Lanyard tied down to the cleat. 





Stern Rigging completed. 

Onward... 🍻

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Hi John, looking great. The steering oar brace mat is beautiful. If I may, check in post #61 the little dowel at the top of the mast. It's a small issue but I believe it should be turned 90 degrees. I notice only because I removed mine TWICE. Once for the same reason and then again because the space above the upper mast rigging support "tabs" and the pin wasn't big enough to fit the rigging line.





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Posted (edited)
11 hours ago, Mike_In_RI said:

If I may, check in post #61 the little dowel at the top of the mast. It's a small issue but I believe it should be turned 90 degrees.

Yes you may... You are correct sir... I don’t know how I missed that? 



Heres is the photo out of the book. Glad you caught it before I was hanging shrouds, I would hate having to fix it then. 😆


Thanks also for your compliments on the Pad, that was tough and tedious. This is why I like MSW, we keep each other towing the line. 



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Finished up Oars today...




I tried something new and used Testors striping tape sealed with CA glue to paint stripes on the oars. 



Works quite nicely. 😎


Started building the tubs, casks and buckets. 



The laser cut materials provided in the kit was short 1/4 of the large line tub stays. Fortunately, my lumber yard had some raw materials. 😆




Soaked one side of the barrel stays with water to allow them to bend. 



Held in place with rubber bands until set. I’ll trim up for a better fit and glue tomorrow. After drying overnight. 



Progress, one day at a time. Tomorrow’s another day. 

Really like working with this scale vs 1/96th. 😎

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Oars & oarlocks look great. I wish I could do weathering like that. 


My tubs were too tall at first and didn't fit the wells nicely. Also, the false bottoms were not deep enough for the line I made. Both noticed AFTER I painted them. 😆



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Posted (edited)

Worked on finishing the Line tubs today. 



After gluing on the quarter panels I used a needle file to carve the barrel stays into the sides of the line tubs. 



Drilled holes to install rope handles and Stained the wood...




Installing whale line, I used Aleenes Tacky Fabric Glue. 



Fabric glue looks horrible going on but it does soak in and dries clear. 



Line Tubs finished. I am thinking 🤔 this rope needs to be stained. Not sure what to use, needs not be so shiny. 😎


Also ran out of line, 5 yards supplied in the kit seems to have gone fast. Fortunately, I found the line at ModelExpo online. Ordered!




Went to work on the Lantern Cask. These little guys are tough. 



It’s taking shape... More fun tomorrow!


Cheers 🍻


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Posted (edited)

Oh yes...




The book suggest Acrylic Burnt Umber and water, and perhaps a bit of raw sienna. Sounds like a recipe for for realism. 👍 I might throw in a touch of weathered look, a throw back to model railroading. 😆


BTW... Have I mentioned how great the instructions are with this kit?  Onwards 😎


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Stitching the Sail...




Raided the wife’s sewing room, disappearing ink. Who knew?




Ironing the seams...




Gluing down the folded seam...




Marking one at a time and repeat folding ironing and glueing. 



Set up the wife’s sewing machine for 1/16th inch Zig Zag stitch. She said WHAT?




Lots of practice runs on spare material. 

Also needed the machine to stitch in slow-mo. 😆 YES! TEDIOUS PAINFULLY SO... 




Perseverance, pays off. 😎 




Successful stitching of a Sail. 



Working on Mast hoops and thimbles. Waiting on my order of MS rope to arrive. 

Next up Bolt Rope, Shrouds and Rigging. Onwards 🍻



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53 minutes ago, Moab said:

Great photos for a process I always manage to destroy...Moab

oh! Don’t think for one minute the first version is shown here. The key is lots of practice runs and Sloth 🦥 mode on the sewing machine.  😆 

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Nice job John,

Sloth mode!  That is the only mode I know when it comes to modeling. If I count all the “do overs” I probably rigged my model 3 times already and I am only 25% done 🤣


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Posted (edited)

Bolt rope hand sewn to the sail. 



I finally found a color mix I was satisfied with. Needed a bit of yellow ochre to give it a dirty Manila Rope look. 👌 Thin enough to soak into the rope but not bleed on to the sail. 



Soaked the sail down a third time with fabric stiffener. Trying to drape the sail so it looks set but flapping (luffing) in to the wind. 😆




Shrouds spliced and seized at the top of the mast. Thanks Mike, got that peg in the right direction. 👍

 Eyelets also seized on the ends.




Lanyards seized to the shrouds. 




Thimbles installed and ready to set the shrouds.  



Mast, Sprit and Sail are all set. Need to paint some more rope. 🧐

Next up, harpoons, lances and all Manner of whaling equipment. Getting close to being ready to go fishing and catch me a whopper. 🤣


Cheers 🍻 

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1 hour ago, Mike_In_RI said:

Hi John, the sail looks great. Just curious, how did you make the eyelets?



They are brass fittings supplied in the kit. 



Pictured here with the Mast Hoops. 

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Wow! Now that’s a boat load of gear. I cannot imagine how they managed to survive, much less bring in a Sperm Whale. 












This Boat is Finished! This build was a lot fun, as well as challenging. I Loved the detail this kit offered and the flexibility to get as obsessed as I wanted to be. Great kit with excellent instruction. 

All that’s left is mounting her in a display case and enjoy. 😎

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  • ccoyle changed the title to New Bedford Whaleboat by John Ruy - FINISHED - Model Shipways - 3/4”=1’ (1/16 scale) - Plank-On-Frame Wood Kit

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