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Le Renard by Gaffrig - Artesania Latina - Scale 1:50 - FINISHED

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Hello all!


A small update of todays work.


Have been working on ropecoils for the most part, and have finished up (I think!) the coils on the pinrail around the mast.

I'm using a mix of toothpicks and tweezers to get the coil to hang as I like it and then brushing some dilluted wood glue on it.

Seem to work ok, although a little time consuming.

The thread supplied is quite "hairy" but it is what I have. It seems worse in the pictures I think.




Between coiling I have finished the anchor, and dressed(?) the ring. Or is this called served?





Upon testing the anchor cable through its fairlead I realised the fairlead was to small. (or the cable to thick)

I decided to find a replacement for the fairlead and got the idea that end terminals for electric cable would be good.

So I found one of right diameter and hammered the end a little more to get a nice flange, and painted it black.


Picture shows kit supplied part to the right.

Homemade to the left.






Then I drilled a hole in the bow and glued inplace.

This, as discussed before in this thread is probably historically uncorrect but I have decided to follow kit instructions here..




I then proceeded to tie the cable to the anchor and mounted the anchor to the rail.




I'm happy with the result!


Now on to more tying lines and coiling!




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On 1/4/2021 at 4:55 AM, Gaffrig said:

Have mounted the stern davits, following Rick01's advice and beefed them up to double thickness.

This looks a lot better to my eye. Still needs the crosspiece in the back.

When you do get this far, consider placing a yoke on the cross bar. Currently there is no support for the boom when the sail is not hoist, this seems to me an obvious place for a "rest" and that's the way I worked. There is a photo out there showing the replica with a rest (removable I assume) on the stern but like a lot of other bits and pieces it seems to be a matter of "best guess" .



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Hello all!


In between all the rope coiling, I started the cradle that comes with the kit.

It seem like there has been a glitch in the lasercutting as the pieces in the kit are missing the two notches for the crosspiece.

(see red circles in pictures)






I cut out the notches, but then decided to make a different cradle alltogether.

I don't like the idea to have the model balancing with the keel in two small notches.


So i cut out and glued together a contraption of some wood I had laying around..




Gave it a couple coats of oil and ended up with this..




I finished painting the scrollwork/nameplate and glued to the transom. I'm not happy with the result of the whit paint here, but I couldn't get it better with my limited painting skills. If anyone has a tip for painting small photoetched brass parts in more than one colour, feel free to share them!


I also finished the crossbeam on the davits and added the "boomkin" piece as suggested by Rick01.






I also replaced the blocks and hooks for the dinghy hoist with smaller size ones.




Now the dinghy comes up pretty snug to the davits and I think this looks better.


Stay safe out there, and happy modelling to all.






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Thank you for the kind comments and likes!


Rick01, yes, I’ll go with just one anchor.

I’m sure they had at least two onboard the real thing though.

Let’s just say they have the spare one below! 😂



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Hello all!


Work continues, the finishline in sight!


Got all the sails rigged, and the running rigging finished. (I think!)

Got the deckhouses/skylights glued in place.




Have also been mounting the gunport lids..






Still a few loose end's to tidy up, but it's getting there!


That's it for today's update.


Stay safe!



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Hello all.


I've finished up the gunport lids, and tied and coiled the rest of the running rigging.

The instructions call for what I think is lifebelt boxes on deck. I've decided to drop these as I think it looks a little cluttered on deck with them. Then again it looked a little empty without, so I decided instead to make a rack with two barrels and two cannonball racks.


Dryfit of barrel rack.




Barrelrack stained and glued in place with barrels lashed down.




Dryfit of cannonball racks..




Stained and glued in place with cannonballs..




And with that I think I'm gonna call this model finished.. 😄




Maybe I'll add some more small details, but I need to let the model sit for a while and think about it.IMG_0854.thumb.jpg.bed9e7a290306cecb1cb9cade557f531.jpg




That's it!


Stay safe!



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Bilge pumps! Needed as much as water barrels 😉 I sat mine where you've got the barrels but there's plenty of room just aft of  the barrels for two pumps.

Great representation of the cutter. 😊




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