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I found an old model of the Kate Cory at a flea market today, that is in dire need of repair.  I believe it to be an old Model Shipways kit, but I do not know for certain.

Some initial observations:

It is actually, mostly correctly rigged.

It has a planked solid hull.


It appears hand built.


The castings appear to be pewter.


The whale boats are bread and butter construction (much like the last Model Shipways model that I built).


The paint scheme is completely wrong.


It’ll make a nice addition to my living room.


By the way, pardon the painting mess on my building board, I’ve been tearing through my 28mm miniature collection the last few days.

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I’m not worried about accuracy on this one because it’s already finished and I’m not willing to make fundamental changes to the model.  If I did that I would be better off just building a new one with the amount of damage that I would have to inflict.  Plus, that wouldn’t be fair to the original builder, since it would no longer be his or her model.

It should be coppered and the paint scheme should be fundamentally different.  


Perhaps one day, I’ll buy the plans and build another one.

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And, it’s done:


I always try to learn something new from every build (or rebuild in this case).  

This time I learned to use a contour gauge to make the cheeks on the head.  It makes it much easier and takes the trial and error element out of it.  We all know that the head is one of the most complicated parts of a ship.  That makes learning this a valuable tool.  It will make life easier in the future.


I am glad that I found this model.


PS:  I know the original builder installed the flag on the main mast upside down.  Out of respect for the original builder, I left it that way.

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