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William Mowll in his book about SS Great Britain refers to his books where he gathered his knowledge about steam propelled ships from. There is a photo of some, but not all were mentioned explicitly in the bibliography section.

Especially this book on the upper half of the attached image: Does anybody know this book?

I would like to know more about the complete title, author, publisher and may be the isbn....


Best regards



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OK, I will tell you what I thought when I first saw the picture: it looks like one of the publications put out by museums to describe the exhibits. The second booklet in the picture has the same style. So, no, I do not know the book but ... look for museum publications about SS Great Britain to get you started.

Have you tried a Google Image Search?




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Hi Bruce,


that is what I thought: A publication by a museum or collection set up by the curator documenting some exhibits and being distributed in an extreme small number...  But anyhow, maybe someone has seen that thing already.


I checked with various bookseller portal sites.

By the way: All the other stuff from the bibliography of Mowll about the SS Great Britain is already here...




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