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21 hours ago, ObviousNewbie said:

Hi Geowolf, sorry to hear about the knee, get well soon! Nice work on the ice-shocks, they were a challenge to get right, I know I had my fair share of problems with them.


If it can help, I did most of my mast construction off-boat, rigging the blocks on the yardarms, attaching them to the masts, and only then did I mount them on the ship itself. I thought this would give me more control of the alignment between the mast elements, it also gave me a crash course in detailed rigging, something I put to good use afterwards 🙂


Anyway, just my two cents, again, I'm only starting, so take anything I say with a pinch of salt...

hi ObviousNewbie, thanks a lot for your comments! sure i'll be better soon,


about the ice-shocks there a lot of wood, i fixed it with a lot of pins each plank and leaving dry the glue, to avoid gaps; but later with the Dremel i made some valleys, well the ice-shocks have at this moment more personality!! hahaha


about rigging i'm not sure yet the way to make it, seeing the Occre videos all job is made on the model and i think it's the best way to ensure all ropes are tensioned, but sure it's more difficult... In my previous model i mounted the yardarms after mount the mast, i know what are you saying, sometimes the model almost flew out the window!!!. 


and you know your comments are very appreciated, you've finished this model with excellent result so for me it's an inspiration in each step! 🤗


regards and keep pushing the Diana!  


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15 hours ago, clearway said:

ouch bad news with the knee having had problems now and again with my own i know the pain! get better soon and ty for the compliment.



thanks a lot clearway!! 😄

really was my fault, i have no age for some technical trails with the bike... but you know a men has always 20 years in his mind hahaha



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hi all, i wish all of you are fine, at this moment i'm confined at home for ten days, i'm a close contact of an infected guy in my office (it seems The Walkind Dead hahaha). I'm fine no symptoms, but bored hehehe.


Well at least i have more time to work, study and take the model. I'll show you my "steampunk" bow with the metal plates already finished, well i'm not very happy with the final result but considering it's my first time with metal plating, well, it's enough for me..


i'm sanding it to leave smooth surface and later i'll varnish and paint all hull, maybe today or tomorrow


greetings for all the great family of Terror's builders!! 🤗





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another terror gets the plating treatment😁. You can see why i used the thinner copper self adhesive strip though it does not look as "chunky" as the aluminium. clean the alu just before painting to ensure good bond with paint.




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  • 3 weeks later...

hi all, good afternoon! i painted the hull with the black colour, as you can see the chalk paint leaves some parts without paint, with an aged effect; i'm not sure about it, in the wood parts for me is ok, in the bow it's worst, but i think i'll leave it as you can see.


I know it's different and sure a lot of people dont like it, but at least it's something different,... Please say me something 😊. At this moment i have the option to cover all with more black paint.


regards and take care with the covid!! ☣️







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32 minutes ago, clearway said:

Certainly makes her look like she has seen some hard work😀- i would maybe give the plating another coat ?



hahaha sure!! yeah, i'm thinking the same about the alu plating...

thanks a lot for the comments,

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all, good night!


a lot of days without time to connect the site, i'm veeeery busy at my job at this moment! well, at least i've painted and varnished the hull (attached some photos), i'm not very glad with the bow but i'll not change it. You can see the effect of chalk paint in black and white parts, the paints are very different: the black paint only needs one layer, and white paint three layers and carefull with the sandpaper... the paint dries very quickly and it seems like a very fine dust, it's needed to clean it with wet towels before varnish. Sure it's not the best paint for this purpose hahahaha!! but i like the final result.


I've purchased four small 3cm barrel cannons for the bow and two boats 9cm long + one boat 11cm long to replace the supplied in the kit; all parts from Amati, tomorrow i'll pick up the box from Postal Office and i'll upload some photos 😄


regards and keep pushing!









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hi all, good afternoon!


i picked today the post box with the new stuff, i show you the items. The cannons are fine i like it, as you can see the carruage (this is the word?) are 2cm long and the barrel 3cm long as expected. The boats are metal but so far better than the provided in the kit, but a lot of work to made it and very small pieces, i'm not sure maybe the boats will fly through the window of my studio hahaha. You can see also the price for the boats (5.95eur p/u) and the cannons (1.65eur p/u with no minimum quantity)


best regards and take care!!






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hi all, good night!

i just finished a life boat and the two cannons to be added to the Terror, some photos below. About the life boat, i'm very happy with the final result, it's not very complicated and the comparison with the boats included in the kit it's a joke! 🤣, but i understand the manufacturer if they add good stuff, the kit will have a very high cost,.. 


about the cannons, despite the size seems correct, above the deck they're like big monsters,... i'll use it? i'm not sure at this moment i will wait to finish all deck fourniture and i'll see the impact of the cannons. The final result is very good too, sorry for the bad pictures







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