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Enköping harbor, ubjs, a model railroad module in 1:45

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Enköping is a small city in Sweden ca 80 km from Stockholm.

The harbor is also small and that makes it perfect for building a model railroad module of it.

I build in scale 1:45, called 0-scale in model railroading and the module shall have a bit of the waterarea with several model ships.


I found this photo, https://digitaltmuseum.se/011014537633/enkoping-hamnen-gamla-hamnmagasinen-maj-1957/media?slide=0,

and it inspired me to the build.

Three of the oldest port warehouses still exists, this is one of them.




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This is a picture of the modules from the first modular meeting I used them.

The warehouses shall stand between the tracks and the water area will be at the bottom along with the whole module, 640 cm.

I´m now working on the warehouses and a ship model of a cargo ship, Vega. I have a modelkit of Vega but in scale 1:35, I will have to make one from scratch in correct scale.


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Here is a picture of one wall I have built. I use 2 mm thick balsa wood and cut in a little Proxxon saw.

I glue the strips to cardboard and I shall make doors in plastic strips from Evergreen.

The houses will be quite large so I will have to find out a way to transport them with the walls separated.

Maybe I´ll use Lego pieces or magnets to hold them together at meetings.





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