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Dorade renamed Dora by Kevin - FINISHED - Amati - 1/20 - Completed March 2021

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good afternoon everyone


hawse holes, i have decided to leave in brass, rather than paint them the hull colour


yet again the box art shows a difference to the kit contents, the glosst pictures show a overhang of the capping rail , unfortunately even i i did not put a overhang on they would not have fitted, so and infill was put in at the pointy end


these photo def show the capping rail overhanging the hull



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Good afternoon everyone


Waterline stripe went on ok, it called for 8mm i could only get 6mm i might put a go faster one on at a later date, i  bought them in 10m rolls of ebay, car pin stripes 


rails fitted went ok


the mast, 

it calls for the mast to be chamfered to fit a 10mm hole in the lower deck, i decided to pin a 10mm dowel to the mast, which worked ok, it was then checked for height, and then adapting to fit the various brass bit, which took a while to get right


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Good evening everyone

dont think i have ever built anything, quite like this, yes the box art is very different to the kit, but for an OOB kit the instructions are good, the material is good, everything fits, and it is certainly a nice looking subject, would be even better if i was a half decent builder

the deck fittings have had attention today, the cockpit breakwater, cabin hosing and various bits are in progress on the table, including making your own blocks  


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7 minutes ago, yvesvidal said:



Your yawl looks gorgeous. The blue is surprising on such boat, but so beautiful on your model. Dorade is definitely one of my favorite boats and it has such pedigree.




i always have my take on the the builds i make, no doubt she will be renamed in the coming weeks, possibly RUTH - my wifes name ( that will keep me out of the rivet counters prison 

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8 hours ago, BobG said:

I was just looking over your wonderful build again, Kevin. Those are beautiful brass fittings. Are all of those supplied from the kit? 

yes bob they are, and i have done very little if anything to them, the build is currently stored away for completion, along with with other projects, 

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good evening everyone


back to boat building for the foreseeable future


the Dorade must be completed before anything else, then i would like to get back to the Amerigo Vespucci, and of course the Enterprise


Rigging blocks


two sizes 6 large and about 20 smaller ones,  and something i have never seen before, you have to make your own from mini kits

and they look quite good when completed





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I had an old M-class RC yacht from the 80's I hadn't sailed in decades. I decided to buy a modern RC set and try it at the cottage. To my utter shock it sank stern first, fortunately near enough to shore for me to snorkel down and find it. Turned out that the chunk of balsa, of all woods, that the teenage me glued in to support the rudder tube finally detached from the inside of the hull and water poured in. To make a long story short, I did a major refit since I needed to cut the aft deck to access the rudder tube. The idea was to change from a utilitarian rectangular hatch just abaft the keel to a "recreational" yacht design. I too liked the idea of a deep blue hull instead of the orange it came as so I painted it with marine paint I had left over from my 1:1 sailing dinghy.


My new decking replacing the old white deck is much simpler than yours: a cutoff of laminate obtained from a counter supplier!


Here are a few photos of the refit and how beautiful a deep blue hull is. My brother says I should put an Ikea logo on it as the sails happen to be yellow 🙂 . I meant to find some yellow pinstripe tape to accent the hull, plus paint crash-test-dummy style chequered circles on the "helmsman" but haven't as yet.






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good evening everyone


lots of little projects happening at the same time,


the guard rails were fun to do, cutting the length of brass tube into 30mm lengths, resizing the feet as they are offset drilled a cap a split pin make up one of the ten required


two of the 3 covers are now complete, i will have to make a new shell for the third as it had been lost


the sail trollies, a nice simple job, fold to fit the runner, but fold the right way, no my way, all are having to be flattened out and shaped the right way


these are still to be done













Edited by Kevin
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Good morning everyone. thank you for likes and comments


well i sorted the brass trollies out, i managed to break one, but a couple of spares are provided. they are now all the right way arouns


cutting the rebates for the mast spares was next and they are now firmly fixed into position, the brass track running down the front mast is also on, but i don't see how that works at present, instruction are quite vague 


Edited by Kevin
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