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Hi all,


New to this forum so please bare with me. I have just started building this Panart 1/78 scale version of HMS Victory and thought I would share my experiences here. I’m retired and live on a Scottish island and needed a new hobby, wooden ship building. Experienced I’m not I would call myself average.


This the third kit I have made the previous two both being Caldercraft, HMS Sherborne and HMAV Bounty. Caldercraft kits are great but wanted to build a decent size Victory that didn’t require a bank loan to purchase. 

Anyway, let’s see where this goes.


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The supplied manual in several languages appeared a little vague so I downloaded and printed the English instructions from the Mantua web site which were better but you still need the original booklet as it has photos that the downloaded version doesn’t have and visa versa.


First steps went well all parts fitted OK if just a little tight, instructions were adequate.503AA821-14C9-4AAF-BE9D-F218C307C940.thumb.jpeg.c61d31ebff02d34c81fb90154425631d.jpeg

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Project is coming along with no major issues so far. Great care and strong clamps are required when bending the dummy gun decks at the bow. Take your time and be gentle with the pressure or you will crack or break them. I managed to get away with just a slight crack in one.


One thing I certainly didn’t expect with this kit is that all the main decks are now pre planked. Planking wood is supplied but not really required. The decks look OK to me and it would seem pointless to lay new decking on top.


One more update To follow them I’m up to speed with the current build progress.


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As of Today this is the current build situation. Cabin area and steering went together quite well as did the poop deck. Only alteration and real work required was to the frames where the stern board fits. The edges need to be cut /trimmed at an angle so that it is possible to glue the board in place. Elastic bands did their job and it’s all good.


Next phase is to plank the inside of the stern board Then make a start on the first layer of hull planking.




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it might be a good idea to plank the upper deck, the printed one is ok but certainly the wrong colour and very unrealistic, there are planty of victory logs on here, if you get chance check out the one by gil middleton 


file:///C:/Users/testuser/Downloads/Wooden Ships 6_15_2020 (1).pdf




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