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On the pre crash site there was a lot of good reference material which is sadly missed.


One item was a table giving size of cord to represent rope of various diameters at various scales.

I cant find it on the revived site - am I missing it or can someone  point me at a reference?


And another item I cant find is the sizes of rope used for tackles and breechings with various sizes of gun - I am sure there used to be a good guide somewhere ?


I also seem to recall from somewhere that a block and the lines through it should be in ratio  8 to 1  - block length to line diameter  or 3 to 1 block size to line circumference - do those numbers ring bells with anyone else ?

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At the top of the page click on "Model Ship World Main Site and Article Downloads", then click Articles, then click rigging then click on the Excel icon that will d/l John's tables for masts, running and standing rigging scale sizes.


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