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Pinky schooner GLAD TIDINGS (1937) by shipphotographer.com - FINISHED - Model Shipways - Scale 1:24 - just a christmas present

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The most important thing for the preservation of the model is a glass housing for its permanent residence: a DISPLAY CASE. It should compliment the model - be like an extension of it, like a frame for a painting. At the same time it ought not clamp the ship and draw the attention away from it. The most important function of the DISPLAY CASE, however, is to protect the model from dust and changes in humidity.

I offer you MY VERSION OF MAKING A DISPLAY CASE from ready-made maple and pine wood blanks, which can be purchased at any hardware store:


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GOLD MEDAL and first place!
The pinky schooner GLAD TIDINGS (1937) won the 2021 Ukrainian Ship Modeling Championship in her class С-8. I scored more than 96 points and finally became a "Master of Sports"!)))
I fulfill this standard for the second time with a quorum of models but it is the first time after NAVIGA officially included C-8 as a class))))815629319_ScreenShot2021-04-19at11_10_29AM.thumb.png.bf5d9ba292977a948ceb692877916754.png1460181118_ScreenShot2021-04-19at11_12_42AM.thumb.png.3a7f34817fe9c363d159739a3c868fb8.png
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