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Not sure where I put this discussion. Please move if needed


I purchased MS 2020 Mayflower at 1:76 scale = 5/32" = .1563" = 3.969 mm


I purchased Bob Hunt's Mayflower practicum, without paying attention, which is for the Artesania Latina model, at 1:64 scale = 3/16" = .1875" = .4.763 mm


Comparing the two .1563/.1875 = .8336


If Bob says cut 5" do I cut 5"x.8336 = 4.168"?


Likewise if he says use 1/4" square board do I use 1/4" x .8336 = .2084"?


Using mm may be more precise but the question remains the same.


I know I should consult the plans first but if there is not a clear picture can I make the modifications as outlined above?


Or maybe I'm simplifying the calculations too much and the approach should be entirely different? I'm obviously not a mathematician!


Thanks for your help.





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I would do it 64/76 = 0.84  but for what you want, it is the way that I would approach it.   Remember that this is 3D so  it is l x 0.84 and w x 0.84 and d x 0.84.

With a digital caliper, it should be no problem doing measurements.   It sure beats vernier or going blind using a 1/64" graduated ruler. 

Now, the trick is getting stock to match.

Hello Jim Byrnes and if you do that, it is hello dark side (scratch).

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