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I started working on the Eagle again and thought I would post some pictures to my build log. That’s when I noticed the Model Ship World had changed and I would have to start a new log. I want to say the update looks great.


Well, first I guess I will post my old photos and get everything back.  I started the Eagle a good time ago and stopped a couple times.   The kit is nice, but I did do a little bit a bashing.  I changed up the guns a bit and got rid of gun carriages for the carronades that came with the kit and made my own. I also made the stern davits for the boat I made.  Other than those small changes, I followed the kit instructions for the most part with a few minor adjustments.























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Hi and a very nice model of the Eagle.

I am currently drawing and lofting a set of plans in Autocad for a future scratch POF build of her, I guess the kit designer took some libertys with the ornamentation.


Looking good.



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Thanks and yes, I know they did take some liberties with ornamentation. I don't think they would have took the time to carve the Eagle in the back since they built the ship very fast and if I am remembering correctly, the name of the ship was not Eagle until after the ship was in the water. I almost didn't add the Eagle.

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If anybody is interested a guy called Kevin Crissman did his dissertation on the eagle and its the most comprehensive info I could find in her, he actually took measurements from the wreckage and that's what I'm using for lofting my plans. He also has a book about her that has some plans and other info, proberbly still get it second hand!

It's a free download from Http://nautarch.tamu.edu/anth/abstracts/crisman.htm


It's got tons of info about her and sister ships and the war of 1812.



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Great job! I am a newbie to this and the Eagle is my first build. I'm ready to put on the first planking and I'm a little nervous about it. Have two books, internet and youtube videos. Everyone seems to have a little different twist on the subject. Your's seems to have come out quite nicely. Any pointers for a novice?

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Hi mrmadalena

I'm building the eagle right now. I'd create a log like you habe here but haven't figured out how yet. Anyway nice job!

I want to use the red paint that you used but don't see it. Can you please tell me the brand and color. I see a lot of discussions about what people thought they used back then, orches,oxides, etc. But no one says what red paint they did use to pain there models.


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