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New 1:48 HMS Endeavour out later this year

James H

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A new company from the Czech Republic will release a 1:48 HMS Endeavour later this year.


This is actually another brand of a company that has produced some excellent plastic and resin models for a few years, but this is of course a wooden kit, and we have the very first pictures of it to show you. 


The model is generally pearwood, with other elements in there that you'd expect such as various castings etc. and these photos show that it looks pretty darn good. I also have the plans here that I've been looking at, and all I can say is you're in for a treat.


This is a welcome release of this famous ship, especially as the ones on the market are now quite old.


I won't name the company yet...





























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Thanks for sharing this interesting info. Would it be possible to tell who is the manufacturer? Being from neigbouring country and modeling plastic kits for years I truly wonder which of the producers would venture into this kind of business. From the pictures presented it looks interesting - even tappered deck planks are presented, which is not standard on commercial kits (thumbs up!). On the other hand, deck planking seems to be straith, not curved (if truly so, thumbs down  a bit). Eager to see more!

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47 minutes ago, James H said:

By my reckoning, around 620mm long.

Hm... I guess you mean only hull length then?

Because Caldercraft's Endeavour, which is 1/64 scale, is listed as 725mm long

Taking that a s a base, this one shall be like 966mm long in total?

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Very good looking indeed. I truly wonder, which Czech company is behind this project. I do have some tips though, let's see the answer , hopefully in May. Still, from commercial point of view, something like this is so unique, I would expect some promo, advanced news, maybe kit development posts etc. Just do not understand what is the purpose behind keeping it so secret.... But maybe am thinking just too much :)

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