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As a new member....How to get the best from your MSW experience!!

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We want you to have the best experience on Model Ship World that you possibly can.   It can sometimes be hard to to put yourself out there and share your work.  We have all been there.  Its still hard for me.


There are a few things you can do to really have a great time on MSW...




It doesnt matter if its your first ship model project or your tenth.   Start a build log in the "kit" or "scratch" build log forums and share your progress.   Now this doesnt mean that after you start a log you will be flooded with responses from our 37,000 members.   If only it was that easy.  It will happen though.  Post updates frequently with good pictures of your progress.  Ask for advice and help from others in your build log.   In no time at all, you will meet a lot of new friends.


Second - Find a mentor and find other build logs of the subject you are building.


It's hard to get folks to see your build log and reply in it.   On a large site like MSW it is easy to get lost in this big crowd.  To help other members take an interest in your project, there are some great ways that you can help make that happen.  Instead of only posting in your own build log and nowhere else, it is super important to seek out the build logs of others.   Find a mentor.   Spend some time posting on the build logs of other MSW members.   This is the quickest way to meet new friends and encourage them to take an interest in your log as well.   Staying within the confines of your own build log  without posting elsewhere is probably the worst thing you could do.   A wallflower is seldom asked to dance!!  So get to know and take an interest in the topics and build logs of your fellow MSW members.


Third - Ask a lot of questions.


Yes ask questions in your build log.  But don't just ask them there.   You should ask your questions and seek advice in many other areas of the forum.  If you have a rigging question, ask it in a new topic you can start in the "rigging" specific forum.   In addition....that mentor you are looking for...ask them a question in their build logs.   Ask them to take a look at yours and provide a link perhaps.  Let them know that you would like to ask them some advice.   In addition, take advantage of our private messaging system.  If you know someone who is particularly skilled in one area or you really like their models,  feel free to send them a private message and ask them for advice.  I get about a dozen private messages every week.   Feel free to ask any of our members for help.  Don't be shy!!


These are just three simple words of advice I can give all new members of Model Ship World......and a few veteran members as well.


Happy modelling!!!! and welcome to Model Ship World  :piratebo5:



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As for finding a mentor, I was contacted about the Fifie build, and assured the member that he should go ahead with a log. His work was superb, and I'll be there to assist where I can, knowing the subject intimately. 


Members are a wealth of knowledge, not just in general, but also for specific subjects. Don't be afraid to approach and ask, whether publicly or privately. 

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