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HMS Victory Models - Stern Question

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So here's a question. I'm not ready to pull the trigger just yet, but neither can I shake the idea of a Victory model in my future and I've been looking at many builds of all the different kit manufacturers and have noticed differences in the shape of the stern.


On the real ship, as it currently looks, the counter area of the stern has a very pronounced curve to it, like a bell curve.



However, the models don't seem to all reflect this in the same way. It looks to me that in the Caldercraft kit, this curve is flattened somewhat:



And I've noticed that on the Mamoli and Panart versions, it's flattened even more. It's almost dead straight across on the Mamoli.


The Billing version, however does seem to capture the steeper curve of the actual ship -




Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Is is just the different angles of the pictures? Or did the stern have slightly different profiles at different times and the various models reflect those different profiles?


On the Mamoli version, which is virtually straight across, I suspect it's simply a matter of inaccuracy. But I would be interested to know about the Caldercraft version, because it does look slightly different to me than the real thing, and I'm curious to know why that might be.


Can anyone shed any light on this question?


Many thanks,





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Sometimes it is more of a question of perspective..




This view of Caldercraft's stern appears to have a noticeable curve.


All of the images of the actual ship that I can find are from a perspective of looking up, which would tend to exaggerate the curve.

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Hi Gregory,

Yes, I now believe it is a question of perspective. My picture of the stern is from a low angle and isn't straight on. I think that angle distorts the appearance of the curve. Even the picture of the Billing Victory is from an angle, so the same thing occurs. The pictures of the Caldercraft are straight on.


I've since gone on line trying to find pictures of the stern that are straight on. They are few and far between, but I did find one.

It's from a lower angle, so it doesn't match perfectly, but it's straight on and when I superimpose it over the Caldercraft profile, the curves nevertheless line up really well. So I think that answers my question.

Thank you.





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