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Tons of progress! I'll post more photos at some point but here's where the build currently stands. Almost finished, but still have the top sail, anchors and loose ropes to clean up. Oh yes, a flag!

I've managed to billow out the sails but they don't stick out convincingly so I'm considering mounting the boat in an epoxy "sea" at an angle, like some others have done. A 15 degree angle or so gives them a dramatic look.






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9 hours ago, OT1138 said:

The kit only came with 9 but I need at least twice that many.

Necessity is the mother of acquired skills. Get some annealed wire of the correct diameter and some inexpensive round-nose pliers. You'll then have the makings of a lifetime supply of metal rings.

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Thanks so much for posting your pics, frustrations, and successes.

I just started the 2011 issue of this model.

Your cap rail looks so fantastic you have inspired me to follow your lead.

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