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Index for building logs gone?

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Or you can use the search and search for a company tag. i.e Caldercraft.


We are not quite there yet but are tagging all builds with the company name and ship name. Though we cant avoid the odd mis-use of tags this should provide a list of all builds for a particular manufacturer.

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We just moved it while we were doing all of the work on the kit build logs.   Once we finish setting up the new index categories for each MFG with tags it will be obsolete however.   But for the time being I have moved it back to the index forum.





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34 minutes ago, ubjs said:

OK, can I get only building logs?

I got a of forum posts.

I think this is how you can search for only build logs. 


First click on the tag of model ship you are interested in under index. This should bring you in a page like this:



Then click on 'Topics' and under 'Forums' click on the era you are interested in.



This becomes a very powerful search engine to search the types of vessel you want. Here is the corresponding search result:



Hope this was what you were looking for. 


Otherwise if you are just looking at build logs of different ship models, select the era you are interested in:



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