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Introduction to Arsenal Modeling, available in English

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I am very happy to announce that the English language edition of my book "Introduction to Arsenal Modeling" is now available at ANCRE


I am at the disposal of those who follow the steps of this guide, to answer any questions or queries about the topics addressed in the book. 


I hope this book will be of use to those who buy it.





This is the link to the ANCRE : https://ancre.fr/en/basic-books/101-introduccion-al-modelismo-de-arsenal.html#/langue-anglais


Adrián Sorolla



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I am actually awaiting a copy from Didier so we can do a full review of the book and its contents.   But Adrian, if you would rather write a short description and share some of the photos and other features here that would be welcomed.   I look forward to getting my copy.



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Thank you Chuck, for the invitation


The book is mainly intended for modelers who want to start in the modality of arsenal modeling, but nevertheless the more experienced modelers will find cunning that can serve them as useful.

Knowing the difficulty for the modeler who wants to make a boat, starting only with the plans, this guide accompanies the modeler from the beginning, unpacking the monograph and taking the first contact with the plans, it guides step by step to its conclusion. 

In the book the complete construction of a boat from a monograph, has been chosen the "Le Rochefort", by Gérard DELACROIX (who at the same time is the translator of this book for the French edition), because it is affordable and has all the characteristics of classical shipbuilding, the explanations about its construction are made in such a way that, whatever we apply to this ship, will be useful in our future constructions.

The reader may use the book as a complete guide from beginning to end of construction or use the explanations separately in the different phases of construction of the model; all explanations are accompanied by many photographs and 3D drawings for easy understanding.

Here we can see a small sample in a few pages of the book:












I hope that you will excuse my lack of command of the English language, which makes me use a web translator, is not the case of M. Gilles Korent who has done a great translation of this book.


Adrián Sorolla


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4 hours ago, mtaylor said:

I think it's time to spend money and order that book.  It looks to be an excellent resource.

Thank you Mark, for your answer


It is indeed a good time to buy this book, since this promotion is released at ANCRE and its price is 40€  until 01/07/2020, then its price will be 46€.


Book promotion in ANCRE





Full picture of book cover



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I have a copy of this book and it is detailed to a degree that leaves very little to the imagination. The compilation of photographs that illustrate it speak for themselves. Beautifully segmented and illustrated to help the modeler navigate through the complexities involved in understandIng the process of building an Arsenal model. It is a how to step by step; it’s all there to see. This book is a classic reference manual of incomparable content. Congratulations.



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