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Buildlog is gone

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It may have been accidentally deleted when we did our large shift in bulkheads.   It would be best to start it anew.  I have done my best to locate it....There couldnt have been more than a handful of posts in it from what I can find.  It was probably quite an old build log am I right?   With maybe 3 posts in it.  No photos.



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On 6/27/2020 at 9:35 AM, Kyak said:

Hi guys,


My buildlog  of the Diana by Occre is gone. I can't find it anymore.  I didn't delete it.  Any advice??





We are so sorry that your log got accidentally deleted, we have moved and tagged thousands of build logs. 
Any deletion is pure accidental, not on purpose.


Again, we are sorry for this mistake.

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Actually it might still be around. I note your id has 9 posts credited to it but only 3 show in content though I may be missing something...  


We don't (as a rule) delete logs, usually only spam posts get instant deleted and even then the deleted content hangs around a few weeks so can pulled back if required (there is a time limit on deleted stuff). Very old logs (and 3 months isn't old) with posters who have not visited for years can be hidden and it 'might' be in the hidden section. That sections does not appear to be searchable and I managed to get to page 95 of the hidden stuff without seeing any trace of it.


It may be easier to start off again though. :(



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