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Just a reminder to not use tags in the non-ship-builds area. I just finished scrubbing tags from four pages of logs. If any of these were you, don't feel bad -- even I forget this rule sometimes, and I think I may have been at fault for some of the tags I just now removed! 😬

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Hello all you friends who model other things besides ships!


You may have noticed that a number of topics in this section have been tagged with the word 'done'. Yes, that tag means exactly what you think it means -- it indicates a project that is finished. If you wish to see a list of all the finished projects in this sub-forum, simply click one of the 'done' tags and they will come up in a list (all 316 of them as of this writing).


A reminder: Why have we used the word 'done' in this section and not 'finished' like everywhere else? Because MSW is first of all a ship modeling forum, and we want people who click a 'finished' tag, hoping to see only ship models, to in fact see only ship models. We will reserve 'done' for non-categorized builds, thus keeping the two groups -- ships versus everything else -- separate.


You can add the tag 'done' to your completed projects or have me tag them for you. As always, I will be watching out for your 'done' projects, but some folks are less effective than others about alerting members to the fact that their done projects are indeed done.


Another reminder: Other than indicating projects as 'done', we DO NOT use any other tags in this sub-forum! I had to expunge a few recently. Again, this is so that ship modelers don't get non-ship results in their searches.


So, got that? Clicking a 'finished' tag will return ONLY finished ship models. Clicking a 'done' tag will return ONLY finished non-ship projects.


Thanks and enjoy!

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