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Sovereign of the Seas 1637 by md1400cs- Sergal -1:78 (to be hopefully bashed)

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Peter: As always thanks so much for your overly kind posts - thanks as well for following - PS: your current build is a jewel 

re: scuppers - no I have not drilled them through - I only painted the insides black - I will however add to the outside of the hull drains for those as well as drains for the gun decks, only as visual perspectives  - On my list  👌 


E.J., Brilliant suggestion!! Yes, I will do just as you suggest - yikes never occured to me - this way I can also install the four chase cannons - And you are also certainly right in regard to the overcrowding and recoil issues.  Leaving two forward broadside ports empty is perfect!! big thanks


Peter - thanks as well for your concurring thoughts regarding too many cannons - this will work out Just Fine!!


Cheers Mates,

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On 4/29/2021 at 7:09 PM, md1400cs said:

One last thought given the price point of this Sergal SotS - and that it has been available for decades - certainly R&D costs have been long ago paid for, even with their "improved" product (yes some parts are much better) One would think that the bright parts (for this ship THE buying incentive) would be at least as excellent as the vintage kit's solid bronze bits....the are poorer by comparison IMO.... hmmm??

Such poorly detailed casts in such an expensive kit.

Why not include resin parts or short run plastic parts (but that's my humble opinion)

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Yes - very unfortunate indeed - Here are comparisons of one of the stern lanterns - this one being the large one that is attached to the poop deck




Now working on patterns for keel - I can't believe that this took the entire morning - at least they are mirror images on each side. Will cut the wood bits this week...matching the bits perfectly will take time as well -  enjoying this part of the project.






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Hi Mates,

Thanks so much for your continued interest, and likes - so encouraging indeed.

Work in progress update; used McKay as a guide.


Did look at several awesome logs in the Scratch Build Projects, and what I did notice was that the really great forward stems were cut, and caulked from large single bits of wood, then properly scarphed together. (PS: I’ll never be that good - lol)


Working from a kit, and wanting to add better forward keel detail (first attempt at this) created some conundrums.

I had to, obviously, use thin “cover” pieces on each side of the kit provided keel to get the right looking details.


Here are some images of how I worked this out so far after having cut cardboard patterns of one side. 





























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Thanks so much for your likes  (;-))

After some very good advice from E.J. – made some changes. Left off, his suggested, two broadside cannons.


Then made the needed changes to the forecastle deck removing cathead holes just aft of mast. Added a cut for the lower halliard. Those catheads as I noted in an earlier post would have had no space to anchor to main deck given the inner two forward carriages. Instead decided upon halliard block; same as for main mast. And finished deck inner framing for grating and open area for stairs leading down.


Kirill4 had offered that very good advice along with some contemporary images of SotS’s foremast  fitted that way (see post #69 – if interested)  --thanks Kirill!


Finished up installing and adding partial carriage riggings as well. All of this work will mostly be totally hidden from view, but that’s ok.

I used the guns from the current kit, not from the vintage edition – only adding recoil rings


Next up; upper hull sides and forward bulkhead timbers to mostly complete this area. It will be tempting to also add the many bronze decorative bits as well….and keel/stem work need completing as well,,,,,,,
































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Hi all,


Very minor -- almost back-to-back “fix” update


As I was reworking the fix for the forecastle deck knightheads, grating and staircase framing, I came to the realization that my main deck gratings were so wrong – In retrospect I should have done the same type  of framing as for the forecastle, and main deck near mainmast openings. 

Removed and attempted to “fix” main deck gratings - still not 100% but better.....here are some images.

Thanks for looking in.....




























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Good job with those gratings. I completely missed that you had set them flush with the decking originally rather than raised. Good catch before getting too deep in the build. The grates themselves look beautiful, crisp and clean. I struggle with them on every build, still working on a replacement for the ones of R.L.. 

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Ulises: big thanks so kind of you - you are a master builder it will be fun following your log. PS: the kit has "fit" issues with initial framing parts when locating pre-formed  decks - also when adding the hull walles I did a lot of custom strengthening inside hull - did not post any of these issues in log - PM me at any time will be happy to assist 


E.J: as always thanks as well - Also when you get around to the SotS - any issues please don't be shy - We all learn and get better by sharing techniques with each other....

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Minor update – still working on forward keel, beakshead and stem areas; adding details that have taken some time, and of course some areas don’t come out right on first attempt, or areas also have to be redone  😬  ---  Thanks for dropping by, likes and any comments or suggestions…























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11 hours ago, marktiedens said:

My vote goes to the vintage one - the newer one looks like a cross between a horse & lion:wacko:.  You would think a newer design would be better, not worse!



I agree with Mark! Vintage vote for me also!

nice work in getting everything to fit properly 


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  I do some piecework Colonial soldier hats and haversacks for a supplier of American Rev. War stuff for re-enactors.  He said that he lost his source for brass castings of buttons and buckles of various sizes, and the one he's forced to use (India or Pakistan - not sure) has sent items with a similar decrease in detail and workmanship.  My guess is that they made new molds of some type (but cheaply or by an inferior process) from the good samples sent.  The 'new' stuff from the foreign supplier just does not look as good as the stuff made before.  A mold wouldn't suddenly go from good to 'so-so' overnight.  Next time I deliver product I could try and get clarification on this.  BTW he also lost his domestic caster of pewter buttons, and had to find someone else - except in this case I think the molds were returned from the guy who was retiring aft a long time doing buttons.

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Thanks for your interest in this ironic dilemma.

From what I had read, Sergal some years back was sold, or went to new management for cost cutting measures. They then revised some of their products; one of which was their SotS.


They “improved” the new release by including pre-scored decks, laser cut gratings, a build booklet as well as other pre-ready bits.


Then, it was also decided to delete the expensive solid bronze castings with cheaper white metal electroplated substitutions. The resulting castings lost some details. I have no information regarding casting molds. That said the blister packs showing the exact location of the many 100s of castings is indeed excellent. Also solid wood pre-cut bits (carriages, deck vertical railings, etc), were replaced with laser cut non solid wood sheets.


When I chose to build this one – having wanted to for many years – I hesitated after learning about the loss of casting details given, as well, the price point for this expensive kit. I then queried here at MSW and, as I had mentioned in my first post, found a seller who had a vintage kit available. I subsequently also received the current kit for Father’s Day in 020…..


I am very satisfied with the solid bronze castings. Then adding to this silliness also purchased the still available Amati complete SotS castings set – those are really something. I will blend Amati and Sergal bronze decorative castings onto this project.


PS: Amati diff. scale but for decorative bits not important....


Thanks for following along – bit too much text this time around lol   Finishing this thread topic - a few more images, then back to build log....













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Kevin: Yes indeed very nice bits from Amati as well as vintage Sergal  – and regarding Doris – beyond genius work – I’ve called her the Michelangelo of this hobby. Oh and thanks so much for following this log as well – you were more than kind with your comments on my Vasa log back in the day….:imNotWorthy:


Robp125: So encouraging – thanks so much – Indeed a beautiful ship in its first iteration. SO appreciate your interest


Ulises: The complete Amati kit can be purchased as a set or piece by piece. Got mine from:


https://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000001.pl?WD=amati seas sovereign&PN=1831-Sovereign-of-the-Seas-Cast-Decoration-Set-A1831.html#SID=353


You can also buy the Amati plan sheets as well as the Flag sheet (their flag sheet is excellent) Ok Ulises you asked lol – for the 144 individual pieces by their part numbers I will send you a PM –


If other members are interested let me know I will just copy and paste the item numbers on this log…… It will just be a sea of Amati part numbers with no reference to what the bits actually are - once the part # is copied and pasted to Cornwall (or other Amati retail provider) it with return with an image as well. PS: I tried ordering several fittings directly from Amati in Italy -the purchase was rejected in the USA - I needed to order from a retailer.


Here is one last image of Amati bits FYI




Here are images of Amati and Sergal flag sheets FYI:


Amati - double adhesive sided  








Vintage Sergal after so many years in box looks perfect on both sides



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Hi – have not at all visited MSW for what seems like a  couple of months – yikes!!!

Been busy with a new work opportunity that required a lot of seat time, new learning, re-certifications and a test Grrrr. But during my free “mental time” I only worked on the SotS –, doing almost nothing else - good therapy (;-))


During that time finished up the forecastle. Here are some images (probably too many). As always thanks for dropping by, likes, and comments. Next up the side support railings for the bowsprit deck…..


OK - Now back to a more normal routine -- need to catch up and click likes at the great build logs that I am following here. Lot’s of catching up to do.




























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Patrick, PKD, Frank, EJ, thanks for your very kind words much appreciated.


Finally working on the beakhead bulkwards. I have put this off for too long - mostly because I did not "get" how to correctly scratch the two sides, given that the lower deck support framings as well as the deck were scratch built.

I think that I have it down now -- will post when it's all done.

Thanks for your likes, comment, and or just dropping by.

Big continued thanks as well to members that are following this project. :imNotWorthy: thank you



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