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I ordered the kit from Model Expo, got a great deal with the Father's Day sale.  Unfortunately she's back-ordered for a few weeks, but I hope to be unpacking soon!


I'll be using the Syren Model Company blocks and rope, so it should be a good upgrade from my last build where I used cheap square blocks, but that'll be a ways down the road.


Edited to add:


As I go through the build, I’m going to add links to these chapter headings, so it’s easier to find the appropriate sections:


Chapter 1: The bulkhead former, tanner, keel and stem knee

Chapter 2: The bulkheads and bulkhead fillers

Chapter 3: Framing the gun ports and sweep ports

etc., updates to follow as I make progress

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2 hours ago, Louie da fly said:

Mind if I pull up a chair? Looking forward to watching this one after seeing your Thermopylae build.

Glad to have you aboard, hopefully the back orders get cleared up and Model Shipways starts shipping kits.

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The kit has arrived!  I started with an inventory, and everything looks to have been included.

I decided to work on the ship’s boat as well as the main, so I’d have a side project while glue was drying, etc.


I started with glueing up the lifts, then started filing and sanding the overall shape.  I found a rasp to work very well for the outside shaping, followed by 80 grit.  More to come on the boat.





In the meantime, dry fit of the bulkheads just to make sure there were no glaring errors, looking fine so far.  Nice flat/straight bulkhead former.



Followed by soaking the rabbet strip, and letting it dry wrapped around the bulkhead former, then glueing it in place and “clamping” it up with some rubber bands.



I did order a hobby zone building slip, and it’s on back-order, so I’ll be slow walking the build just a bit, I’d like to have it before I start glueing on the bulkheads.

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Love your avatar pic!😆


Pulling up a chair!  Great to see another Syren build!  Will look forward to your journey.  This forum provides a lot of great resources from others building the same kit...so you are most definitely in good (and plentiful) company. 

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Hi Jamie - Nice start.  I'll be following along as I recently started Syren as well.  Good idea to work on the ship's boat a project within a project.  I have been scratching my head a bit as I glue and clamp something and then have to wait 24 hours.  Very different from the plastic models I'm used to where you can keep going.

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A little further along, tapered the bulkhead former from the bearding line down to the rabbet strip (mostly chisel work, followed by a light sanding), I added the stem knee, and keel.  Keel was ever so slight thicker than the knee, so I took a few shavings off with a block plane.



After that all had a chance to dry, I sanded the stem down to accept the figurehead.  A bit fussy of a job, but just took it slow until it just fit.



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I decided to copy a few others and precut the mast holes in the keel, and then I glued a few spacer shims on, so when I glue in the blocks to support the bulkheads, it’ll leave a square for the mast to rest in.  I left the spacers extra long to give a little extra support.  This seemed like a relatively easy way to get the rake of the masts right, just put the framer right on the plans.



I also worked on smoothing up the ship’s boat and attached the keel and stem, applied some wood filler and sanded again.  Felt it needed another layer of filler in some spots, so at least one more sanding before I apply some primer.





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22 hours ago, Louie da fly said:

Good to see it's arrived and you've got started, Jamie.


You certainly don't mess around, do you? Very good progress in a short time.

Works been a little quiet, and I’m working from home, so I’ll make a little progress here and there during coffee breaks.  Works out nice for letting glue cure between steps.

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I've been focusing on the ship's boat, and have completed it.


I used some artist's tape as a guide to shaping the hull, to give it a light dip midships.




Then laid in the framework, this was some fussy work, no real good way to clamp, so each one was just held in place until it dried enough to let go.  The the floor boards and a coat of paint.






Gratings, thwarts, cap rail, mast bracketry, splash rail and bowsprit support added next, followed by the winch (carved from a piece of square stock, not perfect, but definitely gives the impression of an octagon).








Lastly, the rudder (which is stored inside the boat until needed), oar locks, oars, a few coats of black and white on the hull.  So much more detail than the die cast boat from my last project, I'm really happy with the way this turned out.





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I’ve been working on deck items recently, and have a lot of them finished.  Hatches, steering wheel, binnacle, capstan, galley vent, and a good start on the pump.





One thing I did different than the instructions, I was having a bear of a time hollowing out a dowel for the pump “buckets?”, so I used a piece of brass tubing instead, and that worked wonderfully.



Need to finish the pump and hang the ship’s bell, then next up are the fife rail and other bitts.  Just taking my time on deck fittings, hobbyzone is supposed to be back to work in August, so my building slip should be here soon, if not I’ll next move onto the cannons and carronades.

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