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US Brig Syren by Jamie Coleman - Model Shipways - Scale 1:64

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Just found your build!  Apologies for the late welcome to what seems to have become the 2020 (and beyond) COVID Syren build group.  Love your ships boat and plank shaping jig you put together,  looks like you made it to fit the complex curvature of the bow...  Ill shall remember that move.

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16 hours ago, Justin P. said:

Just found your build!  Apologies for the late welcome to what seems to have become the 2020 (and beyond) COVID Syren build group.  Love your ships boat and plank shaping jig you put together,  looks like you made it to fit the complex curvature of the bow...  Ill shall remember that move.

Welcome aboard, no apologies necessary, seems every time I turn around I find another Syren that I've got to take a look at.  This whole covid thing got me started on a ship that had sat idle for more than a decade, and finishing that got me going on this one.


For the jig, the camera angle makes it look like a compound curve, but in reality the nails are straight up and down, so just a single curve.  It gave the wood enough bend to fit well at least above the wales without needing to fuss too much.

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A bit more progress, starting to plank the tricky stuff.  Got the garboard planks in, plus the rest of the non-tapered pieces.






The I used strips of paper cut to fit the empty bulkhead areas and a planking fan to line out the bulkheads.  22 planks one side 22.5 the other, planning on 22 for both, I'm sure there'll enough gaps to take up a 1/2 plank.  I'm using a lot of clamped down rubber band pieces to hold the planks in place while the glue dries, and I've been pretty happy with how that's working, kind of like a band clamp, but small and cheap.  Noodling on some ideas on how to make a better fixture that executes the same idea.






So, got the first batch of planks on the starboard side, basically to the centerline.  I'll move back over to the port side and get the same amount of planks.  After that my plan is start down at the keel and work my way up wards so I have a better idea how much room I've got for that tricky remaining corner.  Going to have to do some filing and sanding, but so far so good.  Definitely spots I should have beveled a bit heavier to tighten the gaps, but as this section will be copper covered, I think I can fair it out.






In other news, I picked up a Lie Neilson violin makers plane, I was just not having a lot of success with a standard size block plane for the small work.  This thing is tiny and perfect (well, low angle might have been nice, but I'm not doing a lot of end grain).  I'm using it to taper the planks now, rather than cutting.  Much like some others, I found the kit wood a bit fussy.  Just start close to the end, take a few passes and keep slowly moving further back until it matches up with the lines on the bulkhead.  Anyway, more to follow, thanks for watching.

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Patent pending, the Coleman Octopus is a success.  Instead of clamps and rubber bands, I took a strip of wood and screwed it down over about 10 pieces of surgical tubing, now I can strap down a plank over pretty much every bulkhead at once. Probably a little overkill, but I think it’s going to work pretty nice.






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10 minutes ago, drjeckl said:

I know it's patent pending,  but could you share the ID/OD of the tubing you used?  It looks like a great idea!  And great work so far!



Thanks, and I sure can, it’s actually filched out of my scuba closet, 3/16 od, 1/8 id, I got it here, fantastic company to deal with:



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Well, port side planking is basically wrapped up.  Definitely a tricky process, I ended up needing to taper a few planks quite differently than their surroundings to get the final plank to fit, and I’m going to need some filler at the stern, but overall pretty happy how it came out for a first time.  I’m going to fill and sand both sides once the starboard side is complete.







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I’ve finished off the planking (except the second layer at the wales).  I’ve filled and sanded a bit and it’s cleaning up.  Needs a bit more filler and sanding before I move on to the wales and the stern.


I was very relieved to put the stern piece on and cut the keel to length, that was just waiting to catch a shirt sleeve and wreck something.


Last ship I did, I was really focused on getting to the rigging (it was a solid hull model), but I feel like building the ship with bulkheads and planks has been a lot more rewarding.










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