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US Brig Syren by Robert Powell - Model Shipways - Scale 1:64

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Hi all.  This is my second ship build and also new to the forum.  I’m almost done with my first, a Blue Jacket Ship Crafters Red Baron.  I am down to painting which is a process so I decided to start on the Syren.


At first I was not going to post my ship build because I am a newbie to this hobby.  After reading all the supportive comments and suggestions in other builds I decided I was being an idiot.  With that said I have started and here are my initial pictures.  I look forward to comments and suggestions.71DC45BA-7E14-4EFB-9ABD-650DD4611680.jpeg.88b128cf0233a1326a66b74e759b2787.jpeg667C2CCC-72D2-49FF-B90D-3D95AC4F7416.jpeg.37f62057921410b56d2c508f1d9bfa99.jpeg7E3ECB15-8894-4260-9BB1-98CBA6DF359C.jpeg.ce4505a463692e182a9d0dd5712c2312.jpeg

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Hi Robert and welcome to Model Ship World.  I am glad that you decided to start a build log on your Syren.  There are many Syren build logs on MSW that you can refer to and the kit's designer, Chuck Passaro, is a site administrator of MSW.  If you have any questions about your build, I am sure you will quickly get answers from the members here.  The Syren is one of my favorite kits and it has an excellent set of instructions that will help you build an exceptional model.  Good luck on your build.

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