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HMCS Oriole by bluenose2

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She looks a beautiful yacht and should make a fine model.  The scale you choose is really a factor of how big you want your completed model and what your skill level is.  At a scale of 1:48 (1/4" to the foot) you'll end up with a model 25 1/2" long - at 1:96 - obviously half that size.  of couse the larger the scale, the more accuate detail you'll be able to include.



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Hi Les.   Are you planning on putting the log in this topic?  If so, you can either do it yourself by editing the first post or let one the moderators know and they can do it.

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17 hours ago, bluenose2 said:

I have full plans and am wondering about scale. Not too big, not too small.

Les - I find it depends on the quality of eyesight and the dexterity of the fingers. The older I get the larger the scale I choose.



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Hi. Les back. The plans I received are in different scales based upon what the plan sheet shows. I will be having them scanned to a certain scale once I decide upon size. I have downloaded several colour pictures and have decent reference guidelines. The ship has a steel hull so I'm wondering what would be the best way to render it. My most concerning issue is with the supply and building fittings this ship has. Things like fairleads etc are high chrome etc. This will be my biggest concern. I think a larger scale as Jim Lad says will make it easier to recreate the smaller details. I am very fortunate as to have a signed print rendered by noted marine artist John Horton showing this beauty under full sail displaying the prominent Oriole on the foresale. This should make a nice compliment to the finished model. Thank You mtaylor I will post and will be asking for much help as this will be my first scratch build. 

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Ooooooh, I sailed in her  a number of years ago while on one of my trade courses with the RCN. My brother raced her in the Vic Maui the year they won, maybe 18-20 years ago now. I'll be following this one closely. I may or may not have some pictures of her if you're looking for detailed shots. Not many but might have a couple. There's a book about her as well that is available. Can't recall the name but I think my brother has a copy of it. I'll see what he says. 

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You and your brother are lucky men Sailor1234567890. It seems that this craft is a highly coveted assignment for both captain and crew. I would be interesting to see how she does in the Vic Maui race now that she has a new hull. I have downloaded some excellent colour photos of her in port with all the trimmings. I have the book also, called "The People's Boat", by Shirley Hewett. It will be figuring out hull drawings and how to render them into frames to make the hull. The next difficult part will be some of the deck items etc. You can't buy them off the shelf. But other than that I'm stoked to give it a go. 

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My career manager knows that I want command of her at some point. I'm a sailor and her present CO is not. I need to finish a career course (whenever it is they'll put me on it, do the tour required of it, then at some point trying to fit in a command tour in Oriole. It'll be a few years down the road but not all that many. 

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