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Newbie from the Isle of Man

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Hello and greetings.


I was just about to post here when I came upon a post of a very sorry looking old Galleon. So I posted there first, sorry.

I'm living in the Isle of Man, which for those that don't know, is in the middle of the Irish Sea which forms the centre of the British Isles. I am originally from Sussex, but have been here so long I and others assume I'm a local.

I have been building model boats ever since I stopped playing Club rugby some years back. I've been building for some 25+ years and a quick count back totals some 60 boats of all sorts, and mediums. I much prefer period ships, I'm referred to a a "twig and string" man in my Club. I'm just completing HMS Snake by Caldercraft and have done a first planking on Amati's armed Pinnace too. HMS Diana is still in the box but will be out soonest, this coming winter's build program.

I also have a lovely French Napoleonic raider from Brest, scratch, started drawings only, that will take some time. I'm also RNLI crew and DLA, though retired a week ago after 40 years.


Ok that's a start, will post again in reply, aye, Kim

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Thank you for the welcomes, appreciated.


Robby, I've used several kit producers, Billings, OcCre, Panart, Artensena, Amati, Sergal etc and some that no longer exist that produced specialist smaller models like Cobles and Galway Hookers.

I build what I like and also build commissions too.  My last was HMS Terror [OcCre] which was a very good kit but some problem areas like the chain plates which I re-made entirely.  The client also wanted sails rigged, so I made him a new set from lawn cloth [it can be printed on using an inkjet printer] and it's also very thin so more in keeping with the scale.


I don't think I'll be the first Manxie here, we tend to keep under cover if possible.  What I can claim is that Euterpe [now called Star of India] was built about 100 metres from where I live. One day I'll make her as I have access to her lines from the son of her saviour.


Kimosubby came about from within my Club, the Manxmodelboatclub, with members deciding that Kim must be short for either Kimithy or Kimosubby - you can tell which won through, and no I don't wear a eye mask nor face mask, this Island has been without Covid for over 7 weeks now.


Finally, yes I will start a build log for the armed pinnace, as soon as I can find my way around this site. I haven't found any instructions yet so it's trial and error for now. I did pop a picture into my account on sign on but it seems to be in the ether somewhere for now. If you spot it, it's a 4 inch Thames barge!


Aye, Kim

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