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IJN Yamato by glennard2523 - FINISHED - DeAgostini & Model Space - 1/250 Scale

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I have continued on with steady progress. I have assembled 12 small machine guns, which was quite time consuming given how small the parts were and that I also had to manufacture 24 gun barrels, each 5mm long.


I also fitted the bow and stern photo etched plates.


Following on from that I added the rolling chocks, propellers and rudders to the hull assembly. Again there was quoite a bit of work involved with these tasks.


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Today I worked on installing the hanger deck and associated supports. The task turned out to be much simpler than I was expecting.


I printed out a picture of the hanger support arrangement and positioned it under the deck and used that as a guide to add the various hanger deck support pieces.



The hanger deck will require some additional filler / glue as can be seen below.



The hanger deck grills have been dry fitted at this stage as then need to be removed and painted Iron Grey before they are glued in place.


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The three main guns require a handrail, but you need to drill a 0.5mm diameter hole approx. 0.5 mm deep to secure the handrail posts. I soon found out that I was unable to drill these holes in the die case metal case. I solved this by adding a 0.5mm thick wooden top. This will not be noticed once the gun as been primed and painted.



I have now completed adding the features to the port side of the hull, namely the load lines, portholes, hanger cranes and exhaust pipes. I opted to use some Amati potholes for the open hatches. I also used 1mm plastic strip for the load lines.






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Today I fitted the turntables and tracks to the stern section. It was a tricky task to straighten the copper wire provided  for the tracks (it was  supplied coiled). I painted the track and turntables metalwork black. I think it looks very nice. I will continue to add the remaining parts to the stern section before I start the deck planking.




I thought this picture would show the actual size of the model.



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5 hours ago, glennard2523 said:

Today I fitted the turntables and tracks to the stern section. It was a tricky task to straighten the copper wire provided  for the tracks (it was  supplied coiled).


If you are not satisfied with the coiled brass wire that they gave you, you could use N-Scale tracks (1/160) or perhaps better Z-Scale tracks (1/220) made by Marklin. You can easily remove the rails from the plastic ties or even buy the rails from Micro-Mark which sells them individually. Use code 55 rails or even smaller if you can find them. I believe real rails will look better than round wires.







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2 hours ago, glennard2523 said:

I have made a start to the deck planking, this is much more in my comfort zone and this is going to be a quick and easy task.


I started with doing the outline and then I added the central line. I am now filling on the gaps using 100mm and 50mm length planks.



It sure is, but still has many very small parts.

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I have now built the 3 main and 2 secondary guns. This completes all the main super structures for the deck. So I thought I would dry fit the items on the deck to get a sense of what the final build will look like. Tomorrow it will be a case of painting the main and secondary gun assemblies and adding the gun deck railings.


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I have completed all the work on the three main guns and 2 secondary guns. I have completed the manufacture of all the additional ant aircraft guns, some will require painting and then can be fitted to the deck.
I have a few minor items which can now be glued to the superstructure.
After that I have the a couple of antenna's to build and the two aircrafts launch catapults. Finally I will have the deck railings to add and fingers crossed the model will be complete, hopefully by the end of the October.
I have added a couple of pictures of the progress to date, noting than that superstructures and deck items and not secured in place at the moment.
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I have had a very productive day, adding all the outstanding deck fittings and also adding the final parts to the superstructure, which just needs painting.


The remaining tasks left are

Build the two aircraft

Build the two aircraft launch catapults

Build the main radio mast

Fit all the deck railings.


I have just ordered the Amati Robert E Lee paddle steamer which will be my next build project. After that it will be either Chris Watton' s next model (due later this year) or Amati's Bismark kit, which is due for release in the new year


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I have finally completed my current project which is a 1 / 250 scale model of the IJN Yamato. This is a mix of wooden construction for the hull and die cast metal for the the superstructures, armaments, etc. This is the De Agostini kit.
The die cast parts were not the best quality and I did spend quite a bit of time rectifying manufacturing defects which was quite a chore at times. The build instructions were very basic and the supporting build photos did not really help. That said I am happy with the end result.
My next project will be a Mississippi Steamboat, the Robert E Lee. I will start a build log once in the next day or two.
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