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Hello all,

I'm glad to find this group.  I don't know how often I'll post (I tend to be more of a lurker) but I have enjoyed reading on this site as a "guest" for a month (told you I'm a lurker.) 


A little bit of my hobby history, I started building models as a kid, always plastic types, but I was never very good at it.  My friend's father got me interested in someday doing a wooden ship model when he built a few 3-masted ships (quite well I might add) when I was a teen.  With my state in quarantine the past few months, I made the leap and bought a Grand Banks Dory from Model-Expo.  It took me a month but I think it came out okay for a first timer.  I really liked the straight forward instructions that came with it and the "pro tips" the designer included to improve technique. 


Since I had a good experience with my first wooden model, I'm considering my second.  Only I have no idea what to do next.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. 




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Hello Daryl, and a warm welcome to the forum from 'Down Under'.


I'm not familiar with the merits of different kits for a newcomer to the hobby, but I'm sure someone will chip in with some good advice.



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Hi Daryl,


You might like to look at this, it gives a good rundown on models suitable for beginners.


Just be aware that unfortunately Artesania Latina is no longer in business, though apparently there are still AL models out there if you're prepared to look.


Start a build log when you do begin your build. It's a great way to get help and advice (and encouragement!).


And it would be nice to see some photos of your dory.

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I liked the Eighteenth Century Armed Longboat from Model Expo.  It’s a Commodore’s barge: oars, open boat (ribs, not bulkheads) single mast with not a lot of rigging, nice looking.  It was my first in more than ten years of no ships, so I have experience but had gotten old and had forgotten all the tricks of the trade. But it worked out and I was able to hide or cover up the more egregious mistakes. Also relatively inexpensive. Model Expo has had a sale of one kind or another since the coronavirus and there are deals to be made. Photos below.4811FC82-C835-42F6-B367-06A6F8EF6280.thumb.jpeg.ac1a67e1b8594cfd3739466204026bed.jpeg144E4CC8-B44B-4CBE-AB05-C6B93CDDF267.thumb.jpeg.be7fad52f0a627ded8b19ad2a71ddfa0.jpeg144E4CC8-B44B-4CBE-AB05-C6B93CDDF267.thumb.jpeg.be7fad52f0a627ded8b19ad2a71ddfa0.jpeg7B671CBA-0F9B-4B0D-8BD5-17F5A7429DB3.thumb.jpeg.7aab084800edd99647f4736a8670642b.jpegF8C7B65D-8C31-4F4C-AA10-FD02266A1F1F.thumb.jpeg.327c4164e6ac9dbf9838603706d82c6c.jpeg

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Hi, welcome to the group. Glad you found us.  

Check out Lauck Street Shipyards Here for practicums on ship building and Vanguard Models Here for well designed kits with high quality and detailed instructions and plans.  


As others mentioned, consider starting a build log. That way you’re connect to a worldwide source of friendly people willing to support and help you along the way.  

Have fun, it won’t all go perfect, but adapt, improvise, and overcoming obstacles is half the fun.

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Thanks for all the advice everyone.  As it turned out, by the time I figured out which model I wanted to try, I saw the Norwegian Sailing Pram from Model Shipways was out.  I liked the Dory from the first kit, so I decided to try the pram.  I just got the kit, but need some tools before I start.  Does anyone have any advice on a drill set?  I noticed the kit lists a number of drill sizes and pin vises.  I looked them up but there are a bunch to choose from.  I was going to just pick one but figured I see if anyone had any advice. 


I'm planning to start a build log for this model once I get the tools.  Looking forward to getting started.

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I'm a beginner too, I started with the Lowell Grand Banks Dory and then started the 18th Century Long Boat by Model Shipways.  After I finished the planking and some interior work I noticed that the Norwegian Sailing Pram had just become available and ordered it.  I stopped my build of the 18th Century Long Boat and started the Pram.  I wish I would have build the Pram before starting the Long Boat, I might have not made some of the mistakes I did.  Please see and comment to my build log and I hope it helps you in your build of the Pram.  I do recommend that you start a build log too, it is a great place to ask questions and get very helpful input from others.  Also, as the instructions and numerous places on the web site say, take your time it's not a race but a journey of learning by mistakes and accomplishments.


I do recommend that you inventory your kit to insure you have everything, I inventoried my kit to the separate inventory list that was in the kit.  But when I went to install the Inwales,  I determined that I was missing all the loose lumber, the strips and dowels.


As a novice model builder like myself, I recommend that you keep a separate log of recommendations to the kit and instructions and send to Model Expo.


I look forward to following your build and have fun.

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