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hatch with partial drawn back canvas, great detail   ;)




Thank you Nils. I thought my model has a lot of details, until I started to follow your building logs


You always come out on top, Nenad. So do not complain about a slight colour difference ;)


Tarpaulins will not have the same colour, since they get dirty, and will be replaced over time, but the chance they get changed simultaneously is small


I know that Carl, and that comfort me ...



very nice progress Nenad.........holds and canvas covers look great!   super job!   :)


Thanks Denis aka Popeye ... so ... since you are Popeye, maybe you will be interested in receipt for SPINACH MOUSSAKA ON LEEK I posted in "What do you cook today"


Something is happening here ... I do not know or can not discover reason ... every 2-3 days I got a new case ... so, I am pretty buried over head with tons of papers, working almost whole day including last 3-4 weekends ... 


Fortunately or unfortunately, on October 1st starting strike of employees in judicial authorities, so I hope to treat some order in my life and my activities 

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Adrian, The Prince of Persia, decided to occupy my workspace in office during I go down for tea, and I had to leave office. He is stronger than me ;)




Will he fall down? I'll hear it


So, I was forced to go to shipyard to finish another hatch




This time, canvas is packed






Booby hatch left

Edited by Nenad
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Couple of days I was ( and still I am) covered and over-loaded with office stuff, and with non-planed non-office stuff ( 2+1 dentist visit etc etc )and has no time even to answer to replies. She (CS) is crying on Her shelf asking for third hatch. I`ll see if I can leave office later today ( now it is 17:30h and it is Saturday evening, and I am still in office !!!) to fulfill Her wish



Cats and dogs know when need to stop working and go do something fun.  Or at least that's the way it seems.


I love those hatches.   


Thanks Mark. For a few weeks, a new "reminder-girl" will come to her new home. Princess  and me were going to see her and to meet with Her (less than a month old, Princess is holding Her) and Her mother ( a large gray shaved mass laying in front of Princess on second photo)






Her name will be: Rhea, by the name of Mother of Zeus (Ancient Greek mythology)


Nenad folding up the second canvas is a brilliant solution in my view. Getting ready to lay it out or folding it up ready to open the hatch, perfectly ambiguous but a good looking detail.




Thanks Michell. Just to remind that all of those of my "inventions" has purpose to draw attention from mistakes



pretty neat........different phases of operation   ;)    a great definition of the level of detail,  with as the degree of detail.   very good work Nenad!   :)


Thanks, Denis. Your works in details inspired me. Except number of builds ;)



Great idea for the hatches. It took some time but I looked at every page of your build And learned alot. Very nice work.


Thanks Dave. I watch your build careful and with great interest


Yes, reading my build log ... it takes some time, because I work slow, had many returns and re-do stuff, and like to write. Also, I think my mistakes can be usefull for someone not to go in wrong direction, and didn `t kill posts with mistakes. But, 176 pages till now ... even I have a problem to find some particular photo or post I wish to refer to in discussion. And I am just halfway to end, approaching slowly to "masting" "yarding", sails and rigging ... maybe it will finish as a book "Diary of beginner in ship-modeling" or so, but - who wants to read it and bye it ?



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making great progress Nenad..........remember....no time limits or restraints. cute puppy! :)


Time ... time ... time


Where did you get that giant lighter ? Looks far to good for rough works!



The best thing is that I have found gigant cigarettes ! Look at next post ...


models are afraid of them....you know ;)

But, modelers are not afraid!

Edited by Nenad
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Great work, Nenad !!!


Are those cigarettes 5 foot long ?? I sure hope you are not smoking a whole pack of those every day.




Fortunately, those are regular Winston 100`s cigarettes. Unfortunately, I am smoking almost 2 packs per day. Almost two years I was out of control for food and cigarettes, and this autumn I decided to keep healthy life, which I succeed with food, but not with cigarrets :(   


nice work with the hatch!   the deck layout looks really good..........


Thanks Denis, I am glad you like it. Stil far away from your brilliant smooth surfaces



It starts to look like a ship's deck, Nenad. Very nice work on the companion way


P.s. those giant fingers look really fake ;)


Thanks Carl. I dreamed about this fingers in my workshop .... scary ( if you have huge imagination, as I)



I don't know, Carl ... the detailing on them looks pretty good.



Hey Cap, you discovered my little secret about this giant fingers ....





I'm missing all those scars, fresh cuts, and band-aids from creating all those fabulous tiny deck fittings


Sorry, Nenad, back to your log



You forget sneeze over desk, which acts as  twisters toward Florida to small parts ...


I like this post-4738-0-96075000-1478812682.jpg it has a great charm to it.


The overall shot shows just how far you have come on this enjoyable journey.




Thanks Michael. Just to mention that your photos couple of years ago have significant merit for leading me to the "detailing devil`s road"



Just wow, Nenad.  Her majesty just keeps getting better and better.   


Thanks Mark. When I was at the beginning, looking another`s logs on this stage, I was thinking I will never reach this point, adn I will never be able to make something like that. Bit by bit, step by step, mistake by mistake, and here we are ... learning curve in practice.

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Boats - preparing


I realized that there are 3 types of boats : Captain`s GIG, Jolly Boat, and two life boats, all three different in details


It could be interesting if anybody can explain their usage and names  (Jud ?)  


At first, I had to re-scale drawings from C-plans sheet No 3 where details of boats are drown by Mr.Campbell to scale " 1/4" to 1 feet" to my already re-scaled plans where at the sheet No 1 I have their dimensions at 100% zoom level  as on my model


" 1/4" to 1 feet" - completely incomprehensible for us who have learned the metric measurement system


Then I measured main dimensions and make a notes for myself, and here is what I have got in Adobe Illustrator









Little beasts !!!! I have a hunch it will wreck my nerves ...

Edited by Nenad
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I felt you will go mad Nenad.......so I did some digging.   I was looking in my 'modeler's handbook',  and there is a loophole  ;)   it says:  "a modeler can cheat a little,  but he has to make an honest attempt to cover it up."    so see.........you could get some of those plastic boats {found in kits},  and plank over them....like I do  ;)  :D  :D   


but........if you plan on going all out........folks have done a very good job using plugs and assorted methods.   nothing is too good for her Majesty!  you'll do fine.........what you've done so far has been nothing short of awesome!  ;)

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At that size I would go with a plug.  Easier on my nerves.  Unless you are a glutton for punishment and into sadomaschism and go for building up the frames and plankng it.  In reality most boats were built on a plug.  And the frames were bent to the plug and planked or planked over with the frames added.  

David B

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