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Hello to all

I am forcing myself to learn about masts, yards, spars, rope lines, sails, and all little parts, about which I know - absolutely nothing!

A lot to learn about, particullary because for a most of them, there are not Serbian words

Enough for solid headache

I thing that, without understanding what really happens there, it can not be done on adequate way. Also, informations I collect can help me to decide what to make accurate, and what not to make, or to make in artistic or apromaximate way

Time demanding stage of build, in my case. All is, on some way, connected with all another !

Wish me luck and patience


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On 1/25/2020 at 2:56 PM, samson said:


then we are two who build without a professional background, but if you stick to the drawings and many photos of the details then we can probably com thrug this vith stile . 


So, here we go ... some kind modelbuilding for dummies

I hope you will, and I kindly ask all of you, as much experienced modellers, to check attached photo, and to correct me with adequate names of masts and yards

Little explanation. My country is continental, and throught the history, sailing with clippers particulary was not possible, so, in Serbian language, there are not adequate terms for this

I made some kind of draft drawing, just as reminder of order for further research of any particulary part, as beggining and entrance to deep and dark forest named masting and rigging



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Have just been catching up on your log Nenad  - beautiful work.


For most of us, the names of the various components of masts, yards and rigging is a new language, so I wouldn’t worry about there not being specific Serbian words for them. Just learn them as the rest of us do. Then you can add to your list of languages spoken - “nautical”. 😊

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On 2/18/2020 at 2:09 AM, keelhauled said:

Great progress, Nenad!


she is looking wonderful!  So much to be proud of.

Take your time with the rigging.  Always check the placement of your hands and your lines.  No long sleeves.  You'll be fine!


Are you going to rig her with sails?




Ou, yeah! With all sails and with stunsails too !!!!

Ambitious madman :D

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CORONA impacted everything.

Courts are closed, my  job stops, and I am docked in house, going out only for neccessary shoping

So, days are long, but filled with domestic and garden works.

And naturaly, all of my another hobbies are activated (guitar, painting, writeing short novels, wood carving, cooking, gardening, book reading, music research, history research, furniture making, home decorating, and some kind of internet social life ... ) so, days are short again ...

So, Her Majesty is on a hold for a while .. 

I hope that you all are well and healthy

See you soon

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On 3/4/2020 at 10:08 PM, NenadM said:


Hi Nenad



I'm a little curious what they are for. - it looks like a project in making blocks. I'm about to run out of blocks from my C.S. artesania and is thinking of making some myself - but they must look like the ones that are already used. not at all issy .




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Next attempt, with holes for little hooks, drilled before soldering,  and with front cover.

Dia of rings: 4mm upper, 5mm lower. For me, it is impossible to solder hooks on rings in this scale, so I decided to drill holes, and to mount hooks after final mounting when time comes to mount whole spar on it's place. In next post you will see what I mean.

In this point rise question about material for hooks, which max dia is 1mm. For now, I am considering posibility to make them from staples 😲IMG_20200619_222834.thumb.jpg.051a683fde7d69ff4f72caa18ee0285a.jpgIMG_20200619_222806.thumb.jpg.32c51ad0f3c7e5a2d48d6003ee47d4b7.jpg

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Slow, but forward, with many embarrassing factors. One of this is, adding one more to my 100 hobbies ...

Mobile phone Photography, taken on my trips and travelings around Serbia 

Pretty contagiuos ... particullary when you find that you can produce some really nice photos ...

Enjoy, if you like



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