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Nenad following along with Sailors comment about the difference between the deck and the rest of the ship, I hope you don't mind a couple of pictures that were taken in 2003 when i visited the ship before the fire.


The first two show the exterior deck, when Judy and I were on board






The last one shows the deck and interior furniture note the difference on the floor between the inside and the outside.




Oh and tea was great....just  kidding.



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Thank you Michael for your interest, this images are very useful, and I put them in my CS images collection


Just to notice something

Quality of images seen on monitor,with consequently colors in the image, depends first of setings of monitor, also depends of quality and settings of camera, and also depends of light conditions, angle and intensity of sun. (Assuming that images are not "photoshoped" ). That is with digital cameras. With, today very rare classic cameras, things are a bit complicated


This results in small or large differences in shades of color


For lucky one who were in Greenwich, helps something which is called - eye memory, but not to everyone


So, comparing with some pictures I collected from internet, there are some differences in shade of colour, and Good only can know if this is a consequence of noticed above, or this is a consequence of using different material for coating after reconstruction


Examples follow












Inner bulwark seems a little bit lighter and a bit more yellow after reconstruction, and circular strip under bulwark is obviously painted in different colour. Also, protective grid in your pictures seem to be made of iron, and in other pictures - made of rope (???) or it is additional grid of rope (?)


Going on this road, in intention to make as much as possible accurate model, it is easy to totally confuse your head, and to lose so much time in investigation without concrete and usefull result. particularly in the case of many known and photo documented stages of different reconstruction details in different time. And then you sure lose yourself

And that is not one and only point to bang your poor modeller head


In my opinion, on this place arise solution mostly conditioned with aesthetic point of view, as I wrote above. And when discussion moves to aesthetic, then all is connected with personal taste and feeling, so ... as it is said in Serbia: "the tastes are not discussed" . I have no problem with discussing about my future choices of colour set I intend to apply, just opposite, and that is reason I post some tests willing to hear/read other opinions


Back to the log


Still looking for cherry veneer, in mean time started to finalize corrections on inner bulwark and top rail of aft deck. Pictures will follow   

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First day of work in the homeyard, and first grass cutting this year. Over a 200C outside with plenty of sunshine. Almost 3 hours joy with ELP ( Emerson, Lake, Palmer) music on my headphones


Lunch, a little nap, and in shipyard, where


I found traces of Hothead`s violence on my holly anvil ... 


I said ... nothing ...


I thought #$%&%#$%#%





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This days main job in front of me is re-planking of deck, and waiting for me to bye veneer, I did just some little things


Finally resolved and fixed inside look of inner aftdeck bulwark. Not much precise on the composition of blwark and top rail, because on that place I must do some compromises with lost/found hull/ship lines, and for me it is more important to keep same outside width of whole top rail, and keep as much as possible curvatire of aft-deck and inner bulwark than another things that eventualy can be done.


This is not final colour. Final painting follow when nail and dead-eye rails will be mounted




Also, I checked position od mast and mast holes which were drilled according to TEHNODIDKTA plans, and discovered that I have to move all of them about 3-5 mm forward bow, so I closed holes for masts



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In my workshop there is no place for C-plans to spread. Also, I tried many times to englare them to the size and scale to my model. With last try I am not satisfied, some details lost, too much blur, all is rather gray than b/w, and all of this is A0 format. Realy large to work with. And finaly succed and find a solution. It lasts, beacuse I am not expert ( rather novice) with Photoshop, and PC in office is old one adjusted to office work, not to work with large graphic files. I freezed my office PC couple of times to an half of houre, and must restart, and give up. Yesterady I tried on laptop,which is much younger and stronger 


Plans are in PDF format, I experimented a while, and when make some files over 900 MB large, decide to try on this way: Opened first page with Photoshop, with resolution 300 dpi/grayscale/16bit depth, saved it as *.jpg. Then correct brightnes middle tones and contrast  in simply MSOffice picture manager , saved this, and print it as *.pdf. Somewhere in print dialog I change resolution to 600dpi (corespodending to home laser printer) find option to englare to 127% which percentage I measurd earlier, and ... that is this !!!


Then I find a way to print this file on laser printer on A4 format instead A0, and got extraordinary result - whole englared bright clean plan in 18 A4 papers. Very easy to use, when they are sorted and packed in orded


And the best thing - comparing dimensions on model and on this version of plans I made, mistake is - ONLY 0,3 %


Happy to the sky. Now, I can pick up measure and dimensions directly from plans !!!!





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Bindy, on 15 Mar 2014 - 5:15 PM, said:snapback.png

Hahaha  How on earth does someone damage an ANVIL like that ??  Great job Hothead!


With a hammer 3 x larger and heavier than anvil





I must try to drive his bike trough deep water ....

Forgiveness is the greater path "as your own behavior must have established its worth".



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Forgiveness is the greater path "as your own behavior must have established its worth".




I agree Michael, and forgive, but ... ? 




It was joke about bike and water... 


I am thinking about 2 kg of pink paint in some connection with something on two wheels ....


Joke again

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It seems that MSW had little semi-dissaster with avoidable (?) damage which reflect in missing some pictures in logs


Boys from stuff works very hard on this issue, and for now it is not quite clear will all pictures be safe an returned to place. We must understand that there is enormous amounts of data, text and pictures, conected and linked in many ways. It is everything than easy job


I noticed that some photos in my log also miss, but fortunately, they are saved on two ways - on my FB albums, and on my backup plan (every page of log is saved as *.pdf). For now I decide to wait a while to give a chance to running recovering process, and if somebody want and need some of missing picture, I can easily put it on place


I suggest to alll of us to be patient and to support stuff members on their way to continuing MSW to be best forum on planet

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Finally getting a chance to pop in and say hi!


I like 3 and 4.  3 is what 4 would look like when it gets wet. 

I can't believe the difference in color of a teak deck when it gets wet. It goes from that grey to a deep brown.  Amazing.


Great Job!

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Some more about testing above


I'm a great kid! Yesterday I got so carried away in a two-hour joy in playing with colours and varieties sequence of steps, with or without sanding edges of slices, with or without "caulking" edges, the rough and light sanding before, after or during painting, with and without weathering technology, with fast drying layers over 200W bulb to go as fast as it can be and to make as much as I can  variations in one night, so I completely forgot to write down behind the variations which of that technology is under each of them

The result - I now have eight varieties, and I have no idea what I was doing in order to get any of them
All I know that all tests are on mahogany veneer
Patience thing again
But it worth in some way, I learned and concluded something: 
Place of composition of the laminate must be visible in some way. If put slices of veneer right and tight one to other without caulking, and sand it, composition disappears in most places, and you got colourful surface which do not seem as decking. If you live some space between greater than 1/4 mm, it can be wider than it have to be and it looks ugly. Filling that rifts with putty or with sanddust+glue, with or without pre-painting filling material, do not get right effect. So, it seems that some caulking must be done. But ... caulking with black can be so much strong visible on 3mm wide strips. Caulking with grey seem OK, but "weathering" with white or grey colour can cover caulking more than you want
Another thing - wideness of veneer slices
According to photos, Campbell, Lou, existing logs of Her Majesty on MSW and other sources, recalculated to cm/mm, and rescaled to my scale, if want accurate scale of decking, each slice of decking must be about 1 mm ( it is not visible difference between 0,9 or 1,0 or 1,1 mm)
And considering in mind that I am not master builder in such a small space, this lead me to conclusion that from aesthetic issue, I must depart of right scale, and make little wider slices of veneer
Tests 1 and 2 are made of 1,5-2 mm width slices, I concluded still too narrow for "look" I am trying to get, so test 3 is little wider (2-3 mm), and tests 4-8 are from slices about 3-3,5 mm wide 
Looking in wider screen from distance, and trying to imagine whole deck filled with everything on it, when caulcking such an narrow slices ( particulary tests 1-3) it seems that there is danger to get surface "look" instead "decking" look, rather in colour of caulking material than a wood material. But, result of tests 4-8, width of slices seem a bit too much wider than it need to be

Still I have not definitive attitude
The truth is somewhere in the middle and in more tests
And more playing

With or without using my brain
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I think this is final test, and I am on right way to get what I am looking for


... something which has visible wooden structure, with visible caulking, with aproximative natural colour of wood ... and in same time in grey gamut ...


looking at from close distance and in right angle, it seems as ...


looking from sharp angle ... almost grey








There will be time for some more tests, because all sanding and "caulcing" works have to be done before applying any paint, and I think that all of three decks must be planked simultaneously and painted at the same time with same colour and same method of weathering




On third picture can be seen stowaway in his way to board on Her Majesty - a hair from my daughters Persian cat. I didnt see it by eyes, but camera catch unwanted intruder ,,,

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...  I think it provides an opportunity to be an artist and be creative!


One of the points of this hobby. This is not plastic Lego, without soul. And where is soul, somewhere in neighborhood is always art. All we have to do is just knock on the door and open your senses ...

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I noticed that some photos in my log also miss ...



I started with reconstruction of missing pictures in some posts


What a boooooooooring job ...


Addendum 23:21 local time


Final decision maked, last test done, production tehnology chosen (and remembered), adequate acrylic coating colour maked and stored






Just in case to forget


  1. Veneer sheet surface sanding 220+400
  2. First coat of colour applied, and wiped out with clean cloth
  3. when dry, sanding with 400
  4. second coat, wipe out again, no sanding
  5. Cut sheets 5 cm wide, sand and aligh longitudinal edges
  6. Cut equial wide slices 3,5 mm, sand and align longitudinal edges
  7. Apply caulking with grey colour, and turn again 1000 times
  8. Careffuly adjust, tailor and glue
  9. Light sanding whole deck(s) with 400
  10. Third light coat of colour, and wipe out
  11. When dry, weather whole deck with very transparent white acrylic paint
  12. When finish, step out one meter away from the model and begin to admire   ;)

Central fore aft line is drawn , steps 1-5 are done, and tomorrow replanking starts

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Hi Nenad!


I really do like your final choice in colouring and your Cutty Sark sure looks great in your latest photos!   I hope you don't get a sore wrist from having to turn them 1000 times each though :P


Best wishes to Hothead and I hope he is feeling better soon :(

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