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Thank you Denis


I ignored Her calling today. After long long time, today I suddenly and unexpected, get a new client who needs some paper urgently to the evening ... 12 hours of lunatic work without any stop, job done, and 300€ in cash in pocket ... also after long long long time...


If every day could be like today ....

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Where have all the husbands gone, long time passing?
Where have all the husbands gone, long time ago?
Where have all the husbands gone?
Gone to workshop everyone
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Oh, when will they ever learn
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Oh, when will they ever learn
Ooooh, when will they ever learn?

Who do not learn from his mistakes, repeat cleaning mess he made

Cleaning continues...

Booring ...


And some bad ideas in my head


Better look of deck color ?

Hmmmmm again

Gonna get upstairs to look Hobbit 2

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Curiousity is direct enemy to our intention to go fast forward


I was not satisfied with deck color, and while I was cleaning rails, my attention jumped down to deck all the time, thinking ... can I do something to look better ... sanding, sanding, sanding, and again ...individual deck planks are not visible enough ... sanding sanding sanding ... how it will be if ... sanding sanding sanding ... could I try to ... and in circum


Yesterday I finished cleaning, and tried to "wash" part of deck under houses with rough brush and water



Hmmmm, not bad ...


Today I washed all decks, and sanded with 360 paper ... hmmm ... better, but, to much contrast


Then I mixed acrylic mat warnish with little tip of brown ( just to give some nice thin tone and to stay transparent) and this is it






And macro shot to have idea about color I get




I think this is better, and as nusproduct, it looks pretty old

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Are you trying to achieve a 'realistic' or an 'old museum model' look ?


For a realistic look the deck is way too dark and too brown. Real decks are usually quite bright, more like newer wood, due to constant cleaning. They also attain a more greyish hue due to the weathering of the wood.


Your deck currently looks more like what you see on old museum models, where the wood has darkened and accumulated some dirt.

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Violently disturb Her privacy ( you sleep to much, let's do something) and start with "primer"

Begining before cleaning


After "primer"


Several layers remain

"Primer" is thin acrylic in color of wood, with purpose to cover places and dots I can not reach to clean this strong brown


Idea comes remembering almost 30 years ago when we, as a young just married couple rent apartment, and after few years we were waiting our daughter to be born, and decided to replace wallpapers in future princess room with nice bright white color ... ( Admiral`s wish ... my command ...) removing before all wallpapers, and ... what I found under ... I could not believe What I see ... dark purple brown and intensive black acrylic on all walls ....  $#%#%# ... later I was told by householder that this was some Canadian facade paint ... there was absolute no way to remove paint surfaces and traces, and Admiral did not want new wallpapers ... she was in 8th month of pregnancy, and I could not resist any of her wishes ( young, fall in love etc etc) ...  it could be resolved only by gypsum panel, but this was not our flat, and to invest a lot in ownership of another people was out of question ... so, what to do ... I mixed gypsum and mass for smoothing, and covered most intensive blemishes of brown/black in one, two, three layer ... and after a while, they "disappeared" under coating, and I could paint walls in white ... and wait for Princess to be born ...


Admirals make us happy ... sometimes ... 

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Thank you Edwin, I applied on deck two very thin transparent layers of acrylic yellow-white mixed with thinned mat transparent warnish, maybe ( just maybe) I'll add 1-2 more. Yhinning warnish I have got nice "satin" shine


Must do something about camera and colors ... it just do not look as on pictures

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Thank you David


My workshop has no direct sunshine light, and as I almost work there in evening, I must use electrical light


In the middle of floor there is one bubble 100W, and under the desktop another bubble 200W on the right side, and third bubble 100W on the left, both about 1m under workbench on a wall in front of me. Enough for working. Comparing my experience with old camera ( old HTC Wildfire) and photos from beginning of log, in same light conditions, I concluded it is camera issue ( HTC Desire 310) ... I was mailing to HTC, but answer was something like this ... "what do you want ? You`ve got Quad-core processor for so little money, what do you expect more ..." All mailing what follows expose their politic to put the worst 5MP camera the had in really brilliant phone, to turn its price down. I wrote earlier about. "Honest" to the limit ...


I decided to bye for 10€ SD card for my old HTC and to use it only as a camera (luck of money for any better solution considering long time I didn`t work last year)  

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I found new source of

photos of CS ... Youtube


How, there are only video clips?




Watching wideo, you noticed some detail you are interested to


Pause video, and capture screen. On android, typicaly power+home, and photo is almost in cellphone memory


On PC Ctrl+alt+shift+PrtScr, which sequence copies screen to ram memory, then open any picture related software you use, new document and simple paste command


Here are some captured photos, which can be usefull for analyze details not on plans








Little problem is - hours and hours of video materials on Youtube to watch which need to much time we usualy do not have

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