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HMS Beagle by Jandrus - Occre - Scale 1:60 - Noob building

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Hello there!

Sorry for taking so long this building log. I worked on the ship during the spare time I have and there is my progress (and some comments for my problems and solutions.

Here we go.





Problem here: as you can see I glued wrongly one at the bow, since it wasn’t a big deal y fixed it with a bit a sanding, lets hope it didn’t come on a bigger mistake. Nevermind now, lets continue.




You can’t appreciate from the picture, but there are three small mistakes of cutting too much, but I fixed somehow with spare bits of the wood after cutting the form, it’s hardlyt noticeable unlees you search for it (and in futher building even more hard to nitice). Time for some walls and doors.



After this point I made a little stop. I took my time to reorginze mi “work station”. Maybe I will update later with a photo of my little corner.

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First, thank you all.

With some steps I'm already following Occre videos, are great for noobs like me, but I'm also researching other techniques that would be sort of my way to do things👨‍🔧. The photos of the HMG Beagle are great to use as reerence, with them and the book of anatomy of the ship (I could find the Beagle one and the Bellona other, which I'm going to use in the mid-far future as one of the references for scrach building of San Juan de Nepomuceno unless I could get proper blueprints in Madrid's Navy Museum)  I'm planning some minor mods in the kit.


And now, the update.

With summer in the middle I wasn't able to do much things, being able to travel again through the country, we make some visits to our families, so I wasn't able to do as much as I would like.


Without the proper tools to keep the pression it was need a little bit of thinking out of the box.



Ready for planking. In this last picture you can see how looks my little corner of fun. Almost clean again after being use as extra table for unpaking things 😅


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On 8/25/2020 at 5:19 AM, Louie da fly said:

For a so-called newbie, you're doing a very professional job.


First, sorry for the delay answering. Second, thank you. I always do my best in my projects.


I have been very busy this month, but I took some time for sanding(ugh! I need to discover any tool to make this easier) and prepare everything to start planking (advances, yay!).


bow part sanded.


And the stern sanded... with some mirror planking!!!




First plank!!! 

Tomorrow more updates (cross your fingers)

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4 minutes ago, Jandrus said:

First plank!!! 


You're embarking on a whole new adventure! Make sure you read the planking tutorials (if you haven't already). Quite a lot to know and work out. Take your time, think it through and don't be afraid to undo it if you're not happy with it. With care and application, you'll get there.

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