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I haven't started planking my POB II but I've been reading a lot about it as planking is the one thing I'm particularly apprehensive about on this build. Planking on my Constitution cross section was trivial, with all short,straight run planks.


It seems that a LOT of work goes into trimming and fitting planks so they fit well into the rabbet and flush against the keel/sternpost.
Why not leave the keel and sternpost off for now, carve the rabbet and just begin the planking,leaving a small bit of overhang. Once done, it would see that it would be easy to cut or sand off that overhang and only then add the keel and sternpost. Before gluing it, you could check to make sure the planking doesn't need a tad of thinning to sit flush.


Anyone do it this way? If not, why not?

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If I understand you correctly then that is how I did my Sultan Dhow (from Artesania Latina). That was a first for me as I normally have the false keel as one piece. Comparing the two methods; adding stern post later is definitely easier. For the keel not much difference but then I never see the need to cut the rabbit when double planking the hull.

Where I struggled most was with the bow area as it was more difficult to make it nicely fit after planking. I was a bit concerned about the structural integrity, but it ended up not being a problem.

So the way you consider building is how some kit manufacturers propose the build order. It may end up being more of a personal preference to go one way or the other, having done it both ways has not given me a strong view to do one or the other.

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