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Greetings from Connecticut!

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Hey Everyone!  


Like a bunch of people here, I'm starting this hobby to keep myself occupied during Covid-19, but I've been interested model ship building it since I was a kid and my grandmother bought me a half finished Phantom pilot boat at a garage sale  


I'm currently in New Haven, CT, USA finishing up graduate school in Forestry.  I hope to get involved in the modeling community on the Connecticut shore once we can start to safely gather.  I'm almost done with my first model, the Lady Nelson, and will be starting on Chuck's practicum to kitbash the HMS Sultana with Alaska Yellow Cedar.  

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Welcome to Model Ship World Swede.  You live in an area that has a lot of nautical history.  I attend the annual Northeast Joint Clubs Conference in New London every April and visit Mystic Seaport annually.  There is also the Connecticut Marine Model Society that meets near you. Many of their members are members of MSW.  You have some nice models lined up to build.  Please post some pictures of your Lady Nelson.  We would love to see your work.

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38 minutes ago, Swede said:

I'm currently in New Haven, CT, USA finishing up graduate school in Forestry.

Welcome! My BS degree is in the related field of fisheries science. One of my professors was from Connecticut, though the school was in California.

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