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Dear modeller colleages,


first of all, I'd like to say a HUUUUUGE    T H A N K   Y O U !  to Chris Watton, for creating this wonderful kit!


I've seen quite a lot other kits over the years and most of them are quite bad. Chris' kit is of exceptionally good quality!


I have seldom seen such a complete kit, together with such high quality materials. - Even though the ship itself is only small in size (and so will the finished model be), the kit consists of many, many parts and thus is quite worth the money!


Also the building manual is very nice and complete. Many coloured pictures make life easier, as well as the many printed plan pages. They have a reasonable size and are printed only on one side, which is very good, because you don't have to turn them over and over again - which is expected to happen quite often during building phase and surely stresses the plans.

Many very nicely details are included, like the etched copper plates or the lasered parts.


So, from my point of view, if I would build a model straight OOB, then this should be almost a 'walk in the park', thanks to Chris' good work!


But, those few, who know me well enough, know that I'm unable to build something OOB.


I always find details, which I want to have a bit different. Mostly I want to show even more detail.


So I already have a list of things, that I hope, I can improve for my kit. I'm already convinced, that in the end, it will look quite different from an OOB version.


I don't want to spoil the fun and tell you all that I plan to do different. If you are going to accompany me on my trip with this kit, you are welcome and will get to know, soon enough.

One example I'll give: I'm planning to replace the plastic gun barrels with brass ones, which I plan to turn on my lathe.


Some other things I would like to tell you, are:


First of all another huuuuuge THANK YOU!!! goes to my wife! - She just ordered the kit for me, after I told her, I would like to have it. OK, that is as a birthday and Xmas present in one go, but since my birthday is in December, it is very generous of her, to allow me, to start with it already now!


Another thing is: Why do I wanted this kit?

First of all, I'm a big fan of "Lucky Jack Aubrey" from Patrick O'Brians books. After I got to know, that Sir Thomas Cochrane was the blueprint for this character and what he achieved in real life, I started to admire him. And since the day I understood, that in this case fact and fiction is very close and that the facts came first, I wanted to build HMS Speedy.

At that time, there was no kit available. - So I ordered myself a copy of the original plans from the NMM.

For a long, long time I thought about building it POF in 1/48. - Which is nice in size, but not really fully compatible with the space I can afford in my living room.

Or building it POF, without rigging and spars in the scale of the NMM plans.

In the end I understood, it would be better to build it POB in 1/64, for now. - And then there was Chris with this great kit, so I couldn't stand it.


Most of my modifications will be based on the plans from the NMM.


There is even some more information behind all this, but I think I'll tell everything, once I'm at that point in the building log. Otherwise this intro would become even more lengthy.


My first steps will be:

- Clean up the workshop and make room for the new project

- (still) have to check if all parts of the kit are complete and arrived in good condition (I'm sure they are, but I only want to be sure not to miss a part at a Saturday Afternoon, when I want to start to build the next step of the kit)

- Remove all required parts for the first step from the wood


and then my first modification will start to happen!


My idea is, to highly detail the lower deck of Speedy. I know, it's almost nonsensical, because nobody will be able to have a look at those details later, but ... we will see that later.


In order to show more detail in the lower deck, I have to replace the bulkheads partially with some other wood. Deck spars also have to be replaced. And even more.

Fortunately, I'm in the position to throw in some (I can choose, which...) Pear, Boxwood or Service Tree and I can "deliver" my own stuff to me. No need to buy something, somewhere. I already own the required machinery and bought the wood years ago.


So, my first steps will be, to mark and cut off the parts of the bulkheads, which I will modify.


Pictures will follow, as soon as I have started.


Hope you all will enjoy this building log!


Best regards,




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Hi Derek,


thank you for your warm welcome to the Speedy club! I'm proud to be a member!

And I can only recommend this kit! - It really *is* great!


I really have quite some modifications on my mind. Some of them are not for those who have cardiac issues...


But one step after the other.


Also a big "Thank you!" to you Oliver. I'm pretty sure that there is much to enjoy in it for me.

But not as much as in a true POF build, like yours!


Best regards,



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I will be following your build closely, as I am considering this as my next model. I also am a big fan of Lucky Jack Aubrey, and I’ve been wondering about the possibility of “bashing” this kit into “Sophie” with the raised quarterdeck, elm tree pumps, ships wheel and over sized spars discussed in  “Master and Commander”.


Happy building!



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Derek and Vane have already put the bar quite high. I hope I can come close to their models...


I'm also happy to hear that there are some more fans of "Lucky Jack" around. This makes me feel quite comfortable here.


And the more I'm thinking about what I could perhaps do with my lower deck, the more I get excited to make it happen!


Of course, the downside will be, that it will take virtually 'forever' to finish the lower deck, before putting the lid on it.


But for me, it is true: ' The way is the goal.' - I also told my wife that, what she paid for, when making me this present, was not a 'finished model' (she expected me to have it done until December...), but hours of building fun for me! For a long, long time...


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