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Santa Maria by Emmet - Amati - 1:65-Columbus Caravelle 1492 -Third Wooden Ship Build

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I completed La Nina in 2019 and am currently building HMS Victory 1805.  I am building the Victory in New Hampshire.  I travel south in the Winter and Victory is too big to take a long.  So while I am south I will build smaller, less complicated ships. Santa Maria is my choice. I am only in New Jersey now to see a couple of doctors.  The coronavirus is worse here in New Jersey and we are better off in New Hampshire.  We also have a grandson graduating from high school and we are going to congratulate him, unfortunately at a distance.

So for a start I am putting the basic drawing in along with the frames on the keel.  I see already that a frame is below the keel and will have to remedy that along with truing the frames in general. I did not bring my shipyard for this short trip so I will only have this entry for now.  I will be back here in November and resume the Santa Maria.







Sorry about feet.

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Hi Keith,

It is a bit of a break but I am missing Victory.  This is just a way for me to fill my time when I go south for the winter. OTOH it is still challenging.  Chances are, depending on this weird virus, I will finish the Santa Maria before I return from Florida next April. In some ways the planking will be more difficult as the planks are much thinner. It will be critical to make sure the frames are not moved while installing the planks. It does reflect how important it is to go from port to starboard when planking as the hull will get twisted.

Btw I am watching and enjoying your latest tiny additions to your Terror build.  I also like the bantering you are doing with Christopher about ship terms that are new to me.  the size and shape of the compass and magnetic and Azimuth direction was interesting.   

In the Army we shot azimuth's on a compass for short distances and plotted it on a map accounting for the declination angle. It was easy on flat land but in the mountains it got more difficult because you had to use the map more to follow your bearing. (Using a magnetic compass on a boat in New Hampshire you had to account for a correction of about 14 degrees. It was better to have a GPS for the lake. You could also get an app for a price with a smartphone.)   I guess Columbus used the difference between Polaris and the magnetic compass to discover the declination angle-just surmising. Now I will have to research it.

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On 8/2/2020 at 8:33 PM, Emmet said:




Hey, fellow Amati Santa Maria build here. Pay attention to the bottom line of "ribs", especially where garboard plank sits. By raising frames to get an even deck level line you make it harder to prepare frames for planking. In some places I had to add extra wood strips in order to have an even surface for planking. Honestly, I have regretted lifting frames... :D

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Thank you for your input. One of the things I made sure of was that the garboard plank would go on evenly. In one or two cases I left the frame a tad low So that the guard board plank would fit correctly. The only reason I raise the frame was so that the cardboard plank would fit well. It is not necessary for the deck to fit on the keel. Lowering the frame was more important.  Thanks for looking in. I appreciate your ideas. It is great that we help each other.

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Space is a problem. It takes a few steps more, especially cleanup and continual organization of equipment. No matter, I enjoy how it fills my day.

Again this is a time filler not something I must do.  TV is a drag.  I can only read so many hours per day. So this way I can do those things which I must do and then get in the shipyard.

Actually working on one ship means you must let the glue dry as well as sit back and think about how to do certain things.  That includes finding info from sites like yours as well as other research. Right now I am planning the bottom of the hull on Santa Maria and it takes a lot of thought and research. At this point I am thinking I will do the second plank first and then fill the space with the garboard plank. This ship demands a lot of beveling of the frames.

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I feel good about how I did the garboard here. I put the second board in using spacers. Then I fit the garboard plank in.




Lapinas: I should mention I had to shave the bottom of one of the frames that was high. See arrow. I had also raised it to be even with the deck but it was just a frame made too big. I will probably be shaving it more as I add planks.

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Been out of action lately. Relocating to other house and going to doctors.  There are always some things to fix when changing houses.

We also put in a couple of holly trees-hoping the deer will not bother them. I have been in the shipyard but did not get around to posting the latest.

The Santa Maria is a little tricky with hull planking. Learning how to fit both ends of a plank into a space was interesting but not too hard.
















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Thanks Keith of Clearway. And thanks for the tip on the surform. It works well for these walnut planks.  I had that tool buried amongst my 

tools for everything you can think of box.  I ordered a new blade.  Interesting how a tool like that is the same for, perhaps, 30 or 40 years and you can still get a part for it.

I am also wondering now if the plank arrangement for the 1st hull was a good idea. It was easier but I need to apply the 2nd layer over it before I am sure.  I still like the way Lapinas did his Santa Maria. I should add that heating the glue makes it cure faster and I am hoping that will help when I get to the area of the hull where clamping is a problem.





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